How to get water in Sons of the Forest: Best early location & water collector

sons of the forest stream

In Sons of the Forest, players will have to stay on top of their vitals by eating, resting, and staying hydrated. Finding water is essential to keeping your character going, so here’s how to find water in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest is Endnight Games’ latest survival horror game, which sees players stranded on an island infested with cannibals and mutants who aren’t too pleased about your arrival.

As well as fending for your life against these enemies, with the potential help of friends of course, you’ll also need to keep your character’s vitals topped up. This includes your hydration bar, which requires you to find and drink water in order to stay hydrated.

For those struggling to find and drink water in Sons of the Forest, here’s our guide on how to do so.

How to get water in Sons of the Forest

To get water in Sons of the Forest, players will need to use their GPS to locate the nearest river or stream. Once you find this source of fresh running water, simply walk into it and look down to get the prompt to drink. This should allow you to drink the water, if not, make sure you unequipped your weapon, as you can’t drink while it’s in your hand.

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Depending on how low your thirst bar is, you may need to drink more than just once. It’s also important to remember that after sleeping you will need to drink and hydrate before setting out.

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Best early water source in Sons of the Forest

After exhausting the drinks found in the suitcases surrounding the helicopter crash, you will need to find a proper source of water in Sons of the Forest. From the spawn location, use your GPS to locate the closest fresh running stream indicated by a thin blue line.

Follow the coast until you reach the stream and start drinking. You can check out the image below to see exactly where this stream is from spawn.

Finding water in Sons of the Forest is made easier with the GPS.

Sons of the Forest water collector: Turtle shell & water flask

There are also ways that players can collect water in Sons of the Forest. By killing a Turtle, players can use the Turtle’s shell to collect water. You can also craft a water flask using the 3D Printer, which is found in one of the caves you find early in the game.

Do some exploring, find the 3D Printer, and craft yourself a water flask to stay hydrated on the move.

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Image Credits: Endnight Games

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