How to get free Holiday Items in GTA Online

Nicholas Sakadelis

Players can receive a wide assortment of exclusive Holiday Items by simply playing GTA Online.

Tis’ the season for a holiday theme in Grand Theft Auto V, available now for players in San Andreas. The city is now decorated with Holiday-themed decorations, and vendors are now stocked with Holiday items for a limited time.

Hop on over to Legion Square to take a picture under the tree, or even take a walk around your decorated penthouse. In addition to the decor though, is a set of items available to players who log in to GTA Online between now and December 30, 2020.

Free Rewards

Login now to get access to the following rewards!

  • Vibrant Stitch Emissive Mask
  • Red Bleeder Festive Sweater
  • Green Cluckin’ Festive Sweater
  • Tartan Livery for Ardent, Akula, Technical Custom
  • Candy Cane Livery for Comet Safari, APC, Insurgent Pick-Up Custom
  • A care package containing the Firework Launcher, 20 Firework Rockets, a full supply of Snacks and Armor, 25 Sticky Bombs, 25 Grenades, 10 Proximity Mines, and 10 Molotovs

Additionally, you can also snag yourself a free Grotti Brioso 300, by visiting Southern San Andreas Super Autos before December 30, pictured below.

Be sure to snag all of these rewards while you can for the holiday season and enjoy the limited time seasonal map theme. The snow won’t be falling forever in San Andreas!

While you’re playing, don’t forget to also take a look at the newly added Itali RSX & Veto Modern luxury cars. There are also several sales going on for cars and penthouses. You can read about all the new cars and sales (with a surprise double GTA cash and RP Event!) here.

Image & Info Source: Rockstar Games

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