How to get custom songs in Beat Saber

Aakrit Sharma
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With the advent of VR, it is no surprise that VR rhythm games like Beat Saber have gained prominence in the gaming community. Although Beat Saber has a wide range of music packs featuring Lady Gaga, Skrillex, Billie Elish, and other artists, you can also add custom songs, and here’s how to do it.

Virtual reality games have improved significantly over the years and one game that has consistently been on the top of this genre is Beat Saber. You virtually enter a map and the beats of a song that’s playing in the background rush toward you. With the virtual lightsabers in your hands, you have to slash the beats and make a high score. 

From BTS and Linkin Park to Green Day and Rocket League x Monstercat, Beat Saber already has a decent music collection for its players. However, the more the merrier right?

Here’s a guide to adding custom songs in Beat Saber.

Red and Blue lightsabers in Beat Saber

How to get custom songs and maps in Beat Saber

You can add custom songs to Beat Saber either manually or through mods. We’ll go through both these methods in detail:

Get custom songs in Beat Saber through mods

Follow these steps to get custom songs through mods in Beat Saber:

  1. Find safe hosting websites like Beat Saver that provide custom saber maps. 
  2. Download and install trusted software like Mod Assitant
  3. Run Mod Assistant. Click on the Options menu from the left side of the screen and check EnableOneClickInstall. Also, ensure that Beat Saver has been approved as a source.
  4. Save these settings. 
  5. Go to Beat Saver and find the custom map/song you want to download. Use the OneClick feature and it will automatically appear in your Beat Saber directory.
Beat Saber map

Get custom songs in Beat Saber manually 

Follow these steps to manually add new songs to Beat Saber

  1. Visit a trusted host website like Beat Saver or Beast Saber and download the zip file of the song you want to try out.
  2. Extract the zip file and for your convenience, you can rename the folder with the song’s name.
  3. Put the song file in BeatSaber_Data > CustomLevels. 
  4. Relaunch the game and the song will be a part of your Beat Saber directory. 

How to get custom songs in Beat Saber on Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 by Meta are two of the several VR headsets that allow you to play Beat Saber. The procedure to get custom songs in Beat Saber on these devices is slightly different:

  1. Download and install an Oculus Quest modding kit such as SideQuest and BMBF. 
  2. Run Beat Saber and open the in-game browser. Search for the song you want to add.
  3. Use the OneClickInstall feature. The desired song will now be a part of your inventory. 
Beat Saber gameplay

Well, this was everything to know about getting custom songs in Beat Saber through mods, manually, and on Meta’s Oculus Quest. For similar tech content, check out PS5 DualSense Edge controller pricing and other details, how to spoiler an image on Discord mobile, and how to use Discord Voice chat on Xbox.

Image Credits: Beat Games