How long is Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree?

Souhardya Choudhury
Elden Ring Messmer

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is finally here and players are already exploring the Shadow Realm trying to figure out the best way to beat the bosses they come across along with the main storyline.

The Shadow Realm is as big as the Lands In between and is filled with Dungeons, Mausoleums, and other areas for you to explore.

So, how long should it take for you to complete everything that the DLC has to offer?

Main story time to beat

The main story is expected to be a little over 20 hours to beat, according to a third-party website.

However, completing the main story depends on many factors including your skill level and familiarity with the overall mechanics of the game. There’s a high chance that you could take more than 20 hours to beat the main story in Shadow of the Erdtree.

Furnace Golems Shadow of the Erdtree
Furnace Golems are one of the many Field bosses that you will encounter in the game.

Completionist run

Based on the available content, a completionist run for the DLC would take somewhere around 40-50 hours, because it includes everything from beating the storyline and optional bosses to finding every secret that’s hidden in the Shadow Realm.

Shadow of the Erdtree lacks linearity, so you might end up getting lost while trying to go from one point to another. Keeping all these factors in mind, the expansion has enough content to keep you hooked for many hours.

While you’re exploring the Shadow Realm, make sure to get your hands on the Backhand Blade and the Beast Claw because they will make your journey comparatively easier.