Will Spider-Man come to Fortnite? New skin release date

Spider-Man on Fortnite background

Epic Games might be planning to add the Marvel hero Spider-Man as a new skin in Fortnite, and here’s everything we know about this, including the skin’s possible release date.

Marvel and Fortnite have a long history of crossovers, from Carnage in Season 8 to an entire Battle Pass of heroes in Season 4. There was also an unlockable Gamora skin in Fortntie Season 7.

After years of crossovers, there’s no shortage of character skins on the Fortnite map, and now it seems that Spider-Man, one of the most popular comic book heroes in history, could finally be making his Fortnite debut.

Here’s everything we know about his arrival.

Is Spider-Man confirmed for Fortnite?

Notable Fortnite leaker HYPEX revealed on Twitter that Epic Games are working on a new character that they plan to add in Fortnite at some point during 2021. This character has the codename ‘WestSausage.’

While details are scarce, codenames often hint at the identity of the unknown character. According to the data-miner, this name could represent ‘Web-Slinger,’ a direct nod to Spider-Man’s nickname.

The character being worked on reportedly comes with swinging mechanics, with in-game text mentioning features like “swing attach location” and “swing accelerate.”

In another tweet, HYPEX also stated that the “Web Slinger” will be able to attach to vehicles and slide behind them as Spider-Man tends to do with his webs. You can also accelerate when detaching then jump.

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At the time of writing, it’s unclear exactly which version of the wall-crawler will be making his Fortnite debut. We might see a unique look that takes inspiration from his comic book design similar to the Batman crossover skins.

Alternatively, they could base it on Tom Holland’s MCU version or some other existing adaptation of the character. Only time will tell which version of Spider-Man will be making his way to the battle royale.

Fortnite Spider-Man skin release date

Carnage in Fortnite

The post doesn’t go into specifics about the date that Spider-Man will join the game, but with his next movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, hitting theatres in December, it’s possible the two will coincide.

This was the case with the recent Paul Atreides and Chani skins from the movie Dune. They were released alongside the release of the film, and the skin designs were based on the same source.

This lends some credibility to the theory that the Fortnite Spider-Man skin will be inspired by the MCU design. All signs appear to point to this being the long-awaited arrival of the wallcrawler in Fortnite, although we are awaiting official confirmation.

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Image credits: Epic Games / Marvel