Football Manager 2024: Team talks & shouts explained

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Motivating a team before or during the match is a key task in Football Manager 2024, but you shouldn’t overdo it, as it can lead to poor performance. Here’s everything about team talks and shouts in Football Manager 2024.

Football Manager 2024 provides fans with the opportunity to become the most successful managers in the world and lead their team to glory by winning as many championships as possible.

However, a great manager also has the ability to motivate their team or draw attention to a specific player who is not performing well during the match.

Team talks and shouts play a crucial role in Football Manager 2024, which is why here’s a complete guide with all the details you need to know, including when are the best times to shout at your players and their possible reactions.

Football Manager 2024 team talks explained

Team talks play a crucial role in Football Manager 2024, as through them, whether in the pre-match or halftime, you can motivate your players to give their best and achieve a good result even when you are the underdogs of the championship.

You can also speak to the team after the end of each match, congratulating them for their efforts, motivating them to give their best in the upcoming games, or reprimanding them after a poor performance.

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Football Manager 2024 team celebrating goalSports Interactive
Motivate your team in the pre-match and half-time team talk.

Football Manager 2024 offers a significant list of message options you can give to the entire team. Additionally, you have the option to speak to players in specific positions, for example, only the midfielders, and also to specific players after an undesired reaction or performance.

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Football Manager 2024 shouts explained

Once the match begins, the pre-match talk will be left behind, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to send messages to your players during the game. As a manager, you can make substitutions, tactical changes, and give specific instructions to your players, but few things will have as much impact as the shouts.

From the sidelines, you can shout to the entire team or specific players with the aim of cheering them on, motivating them, or expressing your dissatisfaction with their performances. Like team talks, these shouts will result in a player o team reaction that will affect their performance.

Football Manager 2024 players celebratingSports Interactive
Encourage your team to get the awaited results during the match.

In previous editions of Football Manager, the referee could eject you if you constantly shouted during the match; however, this feature has been removed. Nonetheless, you can’t be shouting throughout the entire game, as after each shout you will have a cooldown period of a few seconds.

FM24 team talks and shouts suggestions

When it comes to our recommendations, we suggest making the locker room a place where chaos doesn’t reign and where players feel motivated and comfortable despite a tough defeat.

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That’s why we recommend giving positive messages with the aim of motivating your players before entering the field. Also, during halftime, if you see that a player hasn’t performed well, it’s always beneficial to offer some words of encouragement to play without pressure and give their best.

On the other hand, on the field, it doesn’t hurt to demand a bit more from the players to achieve the result, ask for calm when a goal is scored, or encourage the team when they concede one.

That’s everything you need to know about team talks and shouts in Football Manager 2024. For more on the game, check out our other related guides.

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