Every Xbox game revealed in Microsoft leak: Dishonored 3, Fallout 3 & Oblivion remasters, more

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New leaks have revealed upcoming titles coming for Xbox, as their release schedule list includes titles such as Dishonored 3, Fallout 3 remastered, Elder Scrolls 6, and more.

Microsft have been hard at work getting their Activision acquisition over the line, and amongst all of the legal inquiries, a lot of information has subsequently leaked thanks to FTC documents.

As well as revealing Xbox‘s plans for a new digital console in 2024 and a brand-new console around the year 2028, FTC documents also revealed the release schedule list for Xbox, allowing fans across the globe to see the games that will be released in the future.

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A lot of these titles haven’t even been announced, so it’s some exclusive insight that will no doubt get fans excited, especially considering some of the titles are premium AAA releases.

So, here’s everything you need to know about the leaked Xbox schedule release list, including all of the exciting games unofficially announced.

Leaked FTC Xbox release schedule titles

Here’s a full list of all the leaked titles in the FTC document, in order of release according to the schedule:

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End of financial yearGame title
2022– Indiana Jones Game
– Oblivion Remaster
2023– DOOM Year Zero
– Project Kestral
– Project Platinum
2024– The Elder Scrolls VI
– Licensed IP Game
– Fallout 3 Remaster
– Ghostwire: Tokyo Sequel
– Dishonored 3
– DOOM Year Zero DLC

It’s important to note that this release schedule is out of date, and so some of the dates for the titles are not accurate. The Oblivion Remaster was not released in 2022, but despite the release schedule being out of date, it still gives fans a good idea of what’s to come.

The leaks also included titles and DLCs that have already been released or announced, including Deathloop, Redfall, Elder Scrolls 6, and Starfield DLC.

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That said, some of the unannounced titles have no doubt been a bit of a shock for fans, an exciting shock that is. Games such as Dishonored 3 and the remasters for Fallout 3 and Oblivion are huge, which, of course, will likely be exclusive to Xbox on the PC and consoles thanks to Microsft’s acquisition of Bethesda.

It’s unclear what Project Kestral and Project Platinum are at the moment, as these are just leaks, but we’ll likely find out more as we enter Q4 of 2023.

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