CSR Racing 2 tuning guide: How to get the best tires, transmission, and nitrous

Aakrit Sharma
CSR Racing 2 official artwork

CSR Racing 2 separated itself from other drag racing games by introducing tuning mechanics for every car. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to tune your car’s transmission, tires, and nitrous and make it the fastest in CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2 has been one of the most popular drag racing games for more than five years. Alongside the nail-biting drag races, you get amazing graphics, countless car customization options, online matchmaking, and most importantly, tuning.

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Understanding the tuning mechanics in CSR Racing 2 is as important as it gets. By altering the transmission, nitrous, and tires, you can witness the true power of your vehicle and be the quickest in every race.

On that note, here’s how to tune your car in CSR Racing 2 with the best tires, nitrous, and transmission.

Artwork for a drag race in CSR Racing 2

Which attribute should you tune first in CSR Racing 2?

Evo Points in CSR Racing 2 signify the extra performance you get by tuning your car and you should first tune the part that grants the most EVO points.

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Follow these steps to decide which part to tune first in CSR Racing 2:

  1. Launch CSR Racing 2 and select the car you want to tune.
  2. Reset the previous tunings.
  3. Head to Final Drive and move the bar to the left or right. Observe the changing blue Evo points in the top middle section of the screen.
  4. Note the maximum additional Evo points you’re getting from Final Drive. Repeat the same thing with Tire Pressure and Nitrous Oxide.

After noting down the required numbers, you have to tune the part that grants the most amount of Evo points. Generally, the Nitrous grant the least amount which is why make it a rule to tune them last.

Hence, the only two orders in which you can tune your car in CSR Racing 2 are:

  • Tire Pressure > Final Drive > Nitrous Oxide (if Tires grant the most Evo points during tuning)
  • Final Drive > Tire Pressure > Nitrous Oxide (if Transmission grants the most Evo points during tuning)

YouTuber Danny Lightning CSR also talks about the way to select a tuning order in one of his videos:

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How to tune a car in CSR Racing 2

Final Drive

Final Drive in CSR Racing 2 is basically the transmission of your car. A high Final Drive makes your car faster while a lower Final Drive provides you with higher top speeds.

To balance this attribute perfectly, we recommend observing the Evo points on top and sliding the bar to a position that hands out the most Evo points.

Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure in CSR Racing 2 focuses on the balance and acceleration provided by your car’s tires. Yet again, you should balance these attributes by observing the Evo points on top. More Evo points generally mean that your car is getting better and faster.

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Evo points in CSR Racing 2's tuning section

Nitrous Oxide

When tuning your car in CSR Racing 2, always tune the Nitrous Oxide at last. Moving the bar to the left will increase the boost duration but reduce the boost’s power and moving it to the right does the exact opposite.

A safe way to avoid confusion is to simply look at the Evo points and choose a value that grants the most points.

Also, do not forget to follow the order of tuning we’ve talked about in the first section of the article.

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You might not get the best Dyno time by tuning your cars with this method in CSR Racing 2. However, the fastest Dyno time doesn’t guarantee results in actual races and with the procedure mentioned above, you’ll most likely take part with the fastest version of your car.

The majority of cars in CSR Racing 2 work perfectly with tunings based on Evo points. If you have a car that is one of the exceptions, the best way is to constantly evaluate it through test runs.

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Well, this was everything to know about tuning your car in CSR Racing 2. For similar guides, you can check out the best Electro Giant decks in Clash Royale, RAID Shadow Legends codes, and best Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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