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RAID Shadow Legends codes for free Silver, energy refill & more in March 2023

From Arena Refills to Energy, you can get amazing freebies by redeeming these RAID Shadow Legends codes in March 2023.



Ronda Rousey in RAID Shadow Legends

RAID Shadow Legends players can stand out by trying over 1 million Champion builds but to get freebies, everyone needs to redeem the same codes. Here’s a list of RAID Shadow Legends codes for you to get free Silver and Energy Refills in March 2023.

From a diverse cast of Champions to stunning visuals, there are many reasons behind the unprecedented popularity of RAID Shadow Legends. Having said that, it is a role-playing game and the genre is known for requiring a lot of grinding.

RAID Shadow Legends is no exception and collecting the most essential resources might feel like an arduous task at times. If you’re sailing on the same boat, redeemable codes might come in handy as they grant valuable resources like Silver and energy for free.

On that note, here’s a list of RAID Shadow Legends codes working in March 2023.

RAID Shadow Legends cutscene
RAID Shadow Legends codes can instantly hand out over 1.5 million Silver to players.

All working RAID Shadow Legends codes in March 2023

These RAID: Shadow Legends are working in March 2023 and you can get freebies by redeeming them:

  • StValentine23 – Free rewards
  • VALENTINES23 – Free rewards
  • Caribberaid – Free rewards
  • Besthero – Free rewards
  • SUPERPOWERS – Freebies for new accounts
  • drxraid – Free rewards
  • midgame23win – 2 Energy Refills, 200,000 Silver, and 100 Multi-Battle Attempts
  • RAIDHOLIDAY – Free rewards
  • RAIDRONDA – Free rewards
  • Raid22ya2 – 100,000 Silver / 10x of each Brew
  • READY4RAID – Free rewards
  • LADYQUN – Free rewards
  • POWERSTARTER – Free rewards
  • LUCKYRAID – Free rewards
  • PCRAID2022 – Free rewards
  • LookBehindYou – 3 Energy Refills, 3 Day XP Boost, 2x 50 Multi-Battle Attempts, and 250,000 Silver
  • skeletoncrewforever – 3 Energy Refills, 2 Arena Refills, 1 Day XP Boost, and 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
  • raidtwitchcon22 – 5 Energy Refills, 1 Day XP Boost, 10 Random Brews, 100 Multi-Battle Attempts, and 1 Million Silver
  • PlariumPlay3 – R5 Chicken, 500 Energy, 1 Million Silver, and 50 Multi-Battle Attempts
  • GOODKNIGHT – Free rewards
  • BREWMAIDEN – 15 Brews/type
  • DKRISES – 50x Force XP Brews / 5x Greater Arcane Potions / 500,000 Silver / 10x Superior Arcane Potions / 15x Superior Force Potions /
  • DREAMTEAM – Free rewards
  • DKskeletoncrew – 1x Common Deathknight / 3x 2 -star Chickens / 3x 3-star Chickens / 40x Magic XP Brews / 300,000 Silver

Do note that some of these codes are exclusively for new accounts and might not work if you’re a veteran.

All expired RAID Shadow Legends codes in March 2023

These RAID Shadow Legends have expired as of March 2023:

  • gullible
  • gift1
  • SPOOKY13
  • realhell
  • TGA2021
  • S1MPLE
  • Xmas4u
  • RAID100
  • Raid375
  • Raid652
  • RSL535
  • S6L5E3
  • KH0YTY5
  • JXHK21V
  • EO3C5C9
  • D7LH79T
  • 56SLD
  • 365RAID
  • 235RAID
  • 7WPT7KM
  • 7KITTD7
  • 9XX78YU
  • 90LSLN4
Official art work for RAID Shadow Legends
You can get XP boosts for multiple days by redeeming RAID Shadow Legends codes.

How to redeem RAID Shadow Legends codes

Follow these steps to redeem RAID Shadow Legends codes and get freebies:

  1. Launch the game and click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on Gift Codes. A redemption box should appear.
  3. Copy-paste the code you want to redeem. If it is correct and valid, you should get the corresponding rewards.

To avoid capitalization errors and typos, we recommend copy-pasting the codes directly from the list above.

Well, this was everything to know about the working RAID: Shadow Legends codes and how you can redeem them. For similar content, you can check out our code lists for Mythic Heroes, AFK Arena, and Figure Fantasy.

Image Credits: Plarium