Clash Royale Chest cycle explained: How to get Royal Wild and Champion chests

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Magical, Golden, Wild, and Legendary chests in Clash Royale

Clash Royale has a fixed chest cycle that determines the chests you get after winning games. If you’re tired of surprises, learn how to check your Clash Royae chest cycle and know when you’ll get the next Royal Wild or Champion chest.

Unless you’re a heavy spender, chests are the primary source of obtaining cards in Clash Royale. There are four chest slots and winning a game fills one empty chest slot.

Based on their rarity, chests in Clash Royale grant you cards like Firecracker, X-Bow, Sparky, Electro Giant, and many more. If you want to build the strongest decks in the game, frequently opening chests is a must.

Many players believe that getting high-quality chests in Clash Royale is a random process. Interstingly, there’s a fixed chest cycle, and here’s how you can check it.

Clash Royale artwork featuring Valkyrie and barbarians

How to check your Clash Royale Chest cycle

Follow these steps to check your Clash Royale Chest Cycle:

  1. Launch the game and open your Profile.
  2. Under your Profile Name, you’ll find a Player Tag starting with a # and comprising letters and numbers. Copy it.
  3. Visit Royale API or Stats Royale.
  4. Both websites will ask you to enter your Player Tag.
  5. Log in with your Player Tag.

By following these steps, you’ll get a long list of your account’s stats, previous battles, decks, cards, and most importantly, chest cycle.

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How to get Chests in Clash Royale

There are two ways to get chests in Clash Royale:

  • Win free chests after winning matches. Do note that at least one of your four chest slots must be empty for you to claim the free chest.
  • In-game shop.

The in-game shop is a convenient but expensive source of chests in Clash Royale. The chest cycle is quite balanced for every player meaning that you can max out your favorite cards even if you solely rely on free chests to get them.

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Both Clash Royale kings holding a lever

Types of chests in Clash Royale and the time required to open them

Here’s a list of all the chests you can obtain in Clash Royale:

  • Silver Chest – Opens in 3 Hours
  • Gold Crate – Opens in 3 hours
  • Golden Chest – Opens in 8 Hours
  • Plentiful Gold Crate – Opens in 8 hours
  • Magical Chest – Opens in 12 Hours
  • Giant Chest – Opens in 12 Hours
  • Epic Chest – Opens in 12 Hours
  • Overflowing Gold Crate – Opens in 12 hours
  • Royal Wild Chest – Opens in 1 Day
  • Legendary Chest – Opens in 1 Day
  • Mega Lightning Chest – Opens in 1 Day
  • Champion Chest- Opens in 1 Day

The time required to open a Clash Royale chest depends on its rarity. For instance, the Royal wild Chest is one of the most stacked chests you can get in the game and as a result, you’ll have to wait an entire day to access its rewards.

We hope this guide helps you know about your next Legendary or Mega Lightning Chest. For more content on Supercell’s hit strategy game, check out how to get Star Points and how to get better at Clash Royale.

Image Credits: Supercell

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