Clash of Clans Pets guide: How to unlock & best Hero-Pet combination

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Hero Pets in Clash of Clans

In Clash of Clans, Pets are a must-have for end-game players as they can enhance the strength of their armies. Here’s a rundown on Pets in Clash of Clans including everything about their abilities and how to pair them with the Heroes.

Supercell, the developer of Clash Royale and Brawl Stars, introduced Pets to Clash of Clans in 2021. Once you upgrade to Town Hall 14, you unlock the Pet House which can be further upgraded to get different pets.

Pets are like companions for your Heroes, such as the Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and the Grand Warden. They can join in battles and their addition to the game brought many new attack strategies.

Now that we understand what they are mainly used for, here’s everything else you need to know about Pets in Clash of Clans including how to choose the right one for every Hero.

List of Hero Pets in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans features nine Hero Pets and they are as follows:

  • L.A.S.S.I.
  • Electro Owl
  • Mighty Yak
  • Unicorn
  • Frosty
  • Diggy
  • Poison Lizard
  • Phoenix
  • Spirit Fox

How to unlock Hero Pets in Clash of Clans

Pet House in Clash of Clans
Pets were added to Clash of Clans in 2021.

You can unlock Hero Pets in Clash of Clans by upgrading your Town Hall to level 14 and then placing the Pet House building. By upgrading the Pet House, you can get new Pets.

Here’s a table explaining everything about the Pet House including build cost, pets unlocked, and more:

Pet House levelUnlocks this PetBuild CostBuild TimeTown Hall Level
1L.A.S.S.I14,000,00012 days14
2Electro Owl16,50,00012 days 12 hours14
3Mighty Yak17,50,00012 days 18 hours14
4Unicorn18,50,00013 days14
5Frosty19,750,00013 days 6 hours15
6Diggy20,00,00013 days 12 hours15
7Poison Lizard20,250,00013 days 18 hours15
8Phoenix20,500,00014 days15
9Spirit Fox21,000,00015 days16

Long story short, every time you upgrade your Pet House, a new Hero Pet becomes available. L.A.S.S.I. is the first one you can unlock and the Spirit Fox is the last Pet that you get at Pet House level 9.

Every Pet ability in Clash of Clans


L.A.S.S.I in Clash of Clans.
Favorite targetWithin 2.5 tiles of Hero
Number of Targets1
Movement Speed32
Special AbilityHigh Jump

As the stats suggest, L.A.S.S.I. is all about quick movements and dealing high damage. The hitpoints of this pet are relatively low but it compensates for it with the very fast movement speed and the ability to jump over walls.

Electro Owl

Electro Owl in Clash of Clans
Favorite targetHero’s target
TargetsGround & Air
Number of Targets2
Movement Speed20
Special AbilityHigh Voltage

Electro Owl has a play style similar to the Electro Dragon but instead of sticking to just one target, it can take two at a time. If you’re able to save this Hero Pet from an Air Defense, you will be able to take down enemies in no time.

Mighty Yak

Mighty Yak in Clash of Clans
It costs 14,000,000 Elixir to unlock Mighty Yak.
Favorite targetWithin 7 tiles of Hero
Number of Targets1
Movement Speed20
Special AbilityWall Buster

The fact that a level 1 Mighty Yak can deal more damage to walls than a fully upgraded Wall Breaker is enough to prove its strength. However, Supercell has given low DPS to the Mighty Yak to avoid making an overpowered Pet.


Unicorn in Clash of Clans
Favorite Healing TargetHero
TargetsGround & Air
Number of Targets1
Movement Speed16
Special AbilityPersonal Healer

The Unicorn has low HP and movement speed but it is the most loyal healer that a Hero could ask for. Unlike Healer troops, it will only heal the Hero and be close to them. The only challenge is to keep this troop alive and if you succeed in doing so, you won’t have to worry about your Heroes getting defeated.


Frosty in Clash of Clans
Favorite targetWithin 4.5 tiles of Hero
TargetsGround & Air
Number of Targets1
Movement Speed24
Special AbilityFreezy Friends

Frosty and his Frostmites focus on reducing the attack speed of defense structures like the Ice Golem. This Hero Pet knows ranged attacks and pairing it with a melee attacker like a Barbarian King is a great strategy.


Diggy in Clash of Clans
Diggy has an HP of 1,100.
Favorite targetHero’s Target
Number of Targets1
Movement Speed32
Special AbilityStunning Surprise

Diggy stands out in Clash of Clans due to its fast movement speed and the ability to go underground like The Miner. It stuns enemies with the first attack and avoids damage from defenses by going underground.

Poison Lizard

Poison Lizard in Clash of Clans.
Favorite targetHero’s Target and Troops
TargetsGround & Air
Number of Targets1
Movement Speed36
Special AbilityBad Breath

Poison Lizard is the fastest unit in Clash of Clans that applies the effects of a Poison spell to opponent troops and Heroes. Using this Pet can be risky as it often leaves behind the Hero to target troops and dies because of its low hit points.


Pheonix in Clash of Clans
Favorite targetHero’s Target
TargetsGround & Air
Attack TypeArea Splash
Movement Speed16
Special AbilityFiery Finale

Phoenix is arguably the strongest Pet in Clash of Clans because it can revive Heroes. It follows the Hero and as soon as they fall, it revives them for a fixed time during which they’re invincible. You can also use pending Hero abilities at this time.

The Hero falls again after the revival time is over but the troops they spawn still remain on the field. As for the Phoenix, it continues attacking nearby structures.

Spirit Fox

Spirit Fox in Clash of Clans
Supercell added Spirit Fox in December 2023.
Favorite targetWithin 4.5 tiles of Hero
Number of Targets1
Movement Speed24
Special AbilitySpirit Walk

Spirit Fox is the ninth and the last Pet you can unlock in Clash of Clans. Similar to Phoenix, Spirit Fox also follows the Hero and turns it invisible along with itself. It also can jump over walls which paired with the Spirit Walk ability can help take down Inferno Towers faster.

Best Hero-Pet combinations in Clash of Clans

Every Hero in Clash of Clans has certain limitations and Pets are the best way to compensate for them. Having said that, there is no way to objectively tell the best Pet for every Hero as your goal, strategy, and army type also play a major role.

Here are the best Hero-Pet combinations based on stats from top players:

Barbarian KingPheonix, Frosty
Archer QueenUnicorn
Grand WardenDiggy, Electro Owl
Royal ChampionSpirit Fox, Diggy

Do note that depending on your strategy, you can pair any Hero with the Poison Lizard but generally speaking, it is not the ideal companion for anyone. The two most versatile options happen to be Phoenix and Unicorn.

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