Brawlhalla chest rotation explained: Skins, Mammoth Coins (August 2022)

Aakrit Sharma
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Brawlhalla chests contain 15 to 18 skins some of which are chest exclusives. The game has a total of 21 chests, and here’s how they rotate in the shop called Mallhalla every 21 days.

Chests are an integral part of Brawlhalla as they allow players to unlock cosmetic items for their legends. Since the game is free-to-play, the cosmetics also help players in standing out among others.

A new chest arrives in Mallhalla every day, and here’s a guide for you to track chests in Brawlhalla.

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Brawlhalla characters posing for a pictureBlue Mammoth Games

How do chests rotate in Brawlhalla?

Chest rotation in Brawlhalla begins with Odin’s chest and ends with Synthwave Chest. Two chests are up for grabs every day and a new chest replaces one of the two chests in the shop dail. This cycle continues till the Synthwave Chest is available.

Here’s a list of all the chests in Brawlhalla and their designated number in the game’s chest rotation:

  1. Odin’s Chest
  2. Wild Chest
  3. Elemental Chest
  4. Revenant Chest
  5. Exalted Chest
  6. Olympian Chest
  7. Forgeborne Chest
  8. Celestial Chest
  9. Skysail Chest
  10. Ragnarok Chest
  11. Royal Order Chest
  12. Outlaw Chest
  13. Sunken Chest
  14. Ancient Chest
  15. Dragon’s Chest
  16. Forbidden Chest
  17. Sandstorm Chest
  18. Imperial Chest
  19. Cosmic Chest
  20. Brawl City Chest
  21. Synthwave Chest

The chest rotation in Brawlhalla is a fixed 21-day cycle. The image below will help you understand the chest rotation system easily:

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Brawlhalla chest rotation system

How to get skins from chests in Brawlhalla

There are 21 chests in Brawlhalla and each chest contains 18 skins. Out of these 18, 15 skins are regular and three can be exclusively obtained from the chest. The only exception to this is Odin’s chest which arrives with two exclusive skins and 14 regular skins.

Mallhalla featuring Revenant and Elemental chests

Players can get a random skin from a chest by spending 100 Mammoth coins and getting a chest exclusive item is entirely based on luck. Having said that, you cannot get the same skin from a Brawlhalla chest again which certainly helps in saving resources.

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How to get Mammoth Coins in Brawlhalla

Mammoth Coins in Brawlhalla cannot be earned in-game and players must purchase them with real money. With this virtual currency, one can buy legends and cosmetics that do not provide any advantage in combat.

Here’s the cost of different Mammoth Coins bundles in Brawlhalla that are available in Mallhala:

  • 140 Mammoth Coins – $5.99
  • 340 Mammoth Coins – $12.99
  • 540 Mammoth Coins – $19.99
  • 1000 Mammoth Coins – $34.99
  • 1600 Mammoth Coins – $49.99

Clearly, Mammoth Coins are different from Gold Coins that players can get for free by completing challenges, logging in, and completing tutorials.

Brawlhalla is a cross-platform title which is one of the biggest reasons behind its massive community. If you like cross-platform games, do not miss our coverage of Fortnite, Warzone, Apex Legends, and FIFA.

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Image Credits: Blue Mammoth Games

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