Best TopSpin 2K25 Skills & how to unlock them

Franco Diaz
TopSpin 2K25 MyPlayer character

TopSpin 2K25 features more than 30 Skills that will help you improve your MyPlayer’s shots. However, you can only use three per MyPlayer, so here are the best Skills, their effects, and how to unlock them in TopSpin 2K25.

TopSpin 2K25 allows you to create a MyPlayer and start your journey in MyCareer or World Tour modes. However, to be competitive in these two game modes, you must first improve your MyPlayer’s attributes and choose the Skills that will give you an extra boost.

Here’s everything you need to know about Skills in TopSpin 2K25.

Best Skills in TopSpin 2K25

TopSpin 2K25 features 31 Skills that will help boost your shots in specific match situations like returning serves, long rallies, and more. These skills can be acquired in two ways: Upgrading a coach to Tier-4/Diamond or using an entire Fitting Set.

However, you can only choose three Skills per MyPlayer: two through the hired Coach and one thanks to the Fitting Set. To help you select the best TopSpin 2K25 Skills, we have compiled the ten most useful Skills and how to unlock them.

RankSkillDescriptionHow to unlock
1Longer, Better!You perform more reliable/precise shots during long ralliesUpgrading Terezie Otrubova to Tier-4 (*)
2Shot CounterUse the power of your opponent’s shots to counter by returning a good/perfectly-timed flat control shotUpgrading Radek Hrabal to Tier-4 (*)
3Highly FlammableYou are on fire when you are on a 4-point or more winning streak during a setUpgrading Terezie Otrubova to Tier-4
4Inside Out MasterYour shots are more powerful when you perform an inside out swingUsing the entire Fitting Set 3
5FatalityYour shots are more precise if you aim at the open courtUpgrading Radek Hrabal to Tier-4
6Return Service CounterUse the power of your opponent’s serve to counter by returning a good/perfectly-timed flat control shotUsing the entire Fitting Set 2
7Crushing Passing ShotYou hit more powerful shots when your opponent is at the netUpgrading Suzanne Tee to Tier-4 (**)
8TopSpin InvasionYour top spin shots become more efficient during a rallyUsing the entire Fitting Set 3
9Slice InvasionYour slice shots become more effective during a rallyUpgrading Pedro Geada to Tier-4
10Poisoned SlicesMake it more difficult for your opponent to hit efficient shots off your low slicesUsing the entire Fitting Set 2

Finally, it’s worth noting that Skills adapt depending on each player’s play style. However, certain Skills should not be missing, such as ‘Longer, Better!’

Considering that the current meta of TopSpin 2K25 is based on Power-Speed builds, the best you can do is have this Skill to reap the benefits when playing long rallies.

All in all, those were the best Skills to use in TopSpin 2K25. For more on the game, check out our other TopSpin 2K25 guides:

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