Best Electro Giant decks in Clash Royale

Electro Giant in Clash Royale

Tanky Clash Royale cards like the Electro Giant have always been famous among players. If you’ve unlocked the Epic Card, check out these best Electro Giant decks in Clash Royale featuring the likes of Phoenix, Golden Knight, Sparky, and others.

There’s a wide range of cards in Clash Royale and as of February 2023, you can unlock over 100 unique cards in the game. One of these cards is the Electro Giant and facing this tanky beast is still a nightmare for many.

The Electro Giant deals low damage but has very high hitpoints. Moreover, it stuns and damages every card in its 3-tile radius. There are limited ways to counter the Electro Giant, and once you master it, you can aspire to be one of the best players in the world.

On that note, here are the best Electro Giant decks in Clash Royale.

Top undefeated Electro Giant decks in Clash Royale

Electro Giant Drill deck

Electro Giant Goblin Drill deck in Clash Royale

You need the following cards to build the Electro Giant Drill deck in Clash Royale:

  • Bomber
  • Dark Prince
  • Electro Giant
  • Goblin Drill
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Lightning
  • Mother Witch
  • Tornado

How to play

You’ll have to do a classic attack with this Electro Giant deck in Clash Royale. Place the Giant and back it up with solid AoE damage dealers like Bomber and the Dark Prince. The Electro Giant should absorb damage from enemy defenses and in the meantime, you can either use Tornado to group up the enemies or place Mother Witch to solidify your attack even more.

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When your Electro Giant reaches the opponent’s tower, deploy the Goblin Drill to execute one of the strongest attacks in Clash Royale. Then, use a Lightning Spell to instantly damage any buildings or cards near the tower.

Using the Inferno Dragon in attacks isn’t a necessity. Instead, it’s better to use it to counter the opponent’s tanky units. Similarly, while facing Hog Rider cycle decks, you can use the Tornado to distract the Hog Rider instead of grouping up other troops.

Overall, this deck excels in attack, defense, card synergy, and versatility. The only reason to not use it is the high Elixir Cost. If you like fast-paced cycle decks, using the ones mentioned below might be more beneficial.

Electro Giant Phoenix deck used by the best Clash Royale player in the world

Electro Giant Golden Knight deck in Clash Royale

You’ll need these cards to build the Electro Giant Phoenix deck in Clash Royale:

  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Bomber
  • Cannon
  • Electro Giant
  • Golden Knight
  • Lightning
  • Phoenix
  • Tornado

How to play

Prominent YouTuber JuicyJ Clash Royale became the #1 player in the world with this Electro Giant deck. Although you’ll have to grind hard and collect Champions like the Golden Knight, this deck can help you become the best player in the world which is worth every effort.

You can watch JuicyJ Clash Royale absolutely demolishing his opponents with the Electro Giant Phoenix deck:

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The Electro Giant benefits heavily from the Golden Knight’s Dashing Dash ability. The latter can push the Electro Giant toward the opponent’s tower and deal moderate damage to the defenders at the same time.

Tornado and Bomber are simply tailor-made for each other and the Cannon is a strong defense against any attack. Lightning, as usual, is an instant source of damage. Last but not least, Phoenix is a tanky aggressor that you can place behind your tanks. To gain an Elixir advantage, protect the Phoenix so that it resurrects without any hassle.

Electro Giant Miner Loon deck

Electro Giant Miner Loon deck in Clash Royale

You’ll need these cards to build the Electro Giant Miner Loon deck in Clash Royale:

  • Balloon
  • Electro Giant
  • Heal Spirit
  • Hunter
  • Miner
  • Skeleton Dragons
  • Skeletons
  • Snowball

How to play

With cards like Balloon, Miner, Electro Giant, and Skeleton Dragons, you’re looking at one of the most aggressive decks in Clash Royale. There are many combinations that can help you take down enemy towers such as Miner-Electro Giant, Electro Giant-Hunter, Miner-Balloon, Balloon-Skeleton Dragons, Miner-Skeleton Dragons, and Electro Giant-Balloon.

The Hunter is also a strong defender with high AoE damage. Similarly, the Skeleton Dragons deal twice as much damage as a Baby Dragon for the same cost. However, you must put them behind tanky units as they have low HP.

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The Snowball and Skeletons reduce the average Elixir cost of this deck and help lure and push back opponent troops. The Heal Spirit is a great companion for crucial low HP cards like Hunter, Skeleton Dragons, and Balloon.

Electro Giant Sparky deck in Clash Royale

Electro Giant Sparky deck in Clash Royale

You’ll need these cards to build the Electro Giant Sparky deck in Clash Royale:

  • Electro Giant
  • Zap
  • Bomber
  • P.E.K.K.A
  • Mega Minion
  • Tornado
  • Sparky
  • Fireball

How to play

This Electro Giant deck in Clash Royale replaces Lightning with Sparky and the results are surprisingly amazing. You’ll find Tornado in every deck on this list because you can pull enemies toward the Electro Giant’s tile radius and stun them. This, when paired with a Sparky, makes the most overwhelming attack in the game.

You might struggle against opponents with two buildings but such a setup can be countered easily in the Double Elixir stage. Use the Bomber and Tornado as mentioned above, and the Mini P.E.K.K.A. is a reliable defender thanks to its high damage output.

Zap can help you counter Inferno units outside of the Electro Giant’s range and Mega Minion is a durable aerial defender. Lastly, the Fireball is your source of quick AoE damage against swarms of enemies, crown towers, and buildings.

YouTuber SirTagCR- Clash Royale has showcased the truly outrageous offense capabilities of this deck in a video above.

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As opposed to Ice Bow decks in Clash Royale that thrive on strong defense, the Electro Giant decks mentioned above are all about building powerful attacks.

We hope this list of Electro Giant decks will help you climb the ranks in Clash Royale with more confidence than ever. For similar content, you can check out the best decks in Clash Royale, how to get Star Points, and the best Firecracker decks.

Image Credits: Supercell

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