Assassin’s Creed players furious with Ubisoft for posting AI art riddled with mistakes after staff layoffs

Aakash Regmi
Ezio AI art that doesn't look like Ezio posted by Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed fans are upset as Ubisoft’s regional social media handles have shared multiple AI artworks of the series’ most celebrated character, Ezio. 

Ubisoft aren’t particularly shy about using AIs, as they once announced an internal AI “Ghostwriter” to write barks for NPCs. It was met with tremendous backlash from the community, as even though the usual NPC chatter doesn’t fundamentally affect an experience, for many players, some lines do become iconic.

That was largely excused by the player base, as it was trained by Ubisoft themselves and didn’t affect the larger narrative of their games like Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry. Now, though, players are furious as Ubisoft has shared AI artwork from Midjourney on multiple X (formerly Twitter) handles.

Fans scared as Ubisoft celebrated Halloween with Ezio AI art

Illustrator and concept artist Ried Southen shared a now-deleted post on X by Ubisoft LATAM, that was generated by Midjourney. The post blew up, and following backlash from the community, Ubisoft decided to delete the image.

Many then poked fun at the art and vented their frustration. One user said, “Asursinsins Crid Looks dreadful.” Another mentioned how insulting the art was: “Extra insulting when this franchise especially and consistently has *top tier* and often well researched art, too.”

Some said this is “on brand” for Ubisoft having already introduced the previously mentioned AI Ghostwriter to help write games.

That’s not all, as another Ubisoft regional account shared similar AI art. It was an Ezio art as well, and fans were more angry here as it was posted by Ubisoft Nederland, who had their entire office shut down by Ubisoft earlier this year.

Ubisoft Nederland are yet to remove the post, and many have outlined how “shameful” it is on Ubisoft’s behalf. A comment said, “Wow, an insult to every artist you ever employed,” while another asked them to take the post down, “This AI junk looks awful, take this nonsense down.”

Elsewhere, Embark Studios and their upcoming title, The Finals, were also flamed for using AI voiceovers, so devs may now be more weary about using AI in games, although it seems inevitable, sadly.

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