Where to emote at stone statues for Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 Challenges

Hamza Khalid
Emoting in front of statues in Fortnite Season 5

One of Fortnite’s Season 5 Week 9 challenges requires you to emote at stone statues. We’ve made things a bit easier for you with the help of a useful map.

With Fortnite Season 5 is coming to an end on March 16, fans are in a hurry to complete the Battle Pass before that time arrives. Luckily, we’re now in Week 9 of the season, so you have plenty of brand new challenges to complete for some XP and cosmetics.

The new weekly challenges are fairly straightforward since they involve tasks like finding a hidden bunker and locating the crashed plane’s black box. One of these Epic Quests requires you to emote at stone statues, and we’ll point you where you need to go.

Colossal Colosseum Fortnite

Where to find stone statues in Fortnite Season 5

You can find the stone statues at two points of interest on the map; Coral Castle and Colossal Colosseum. Luckily, you only need to visit the statues at one of these locations in order to complete the challenge.

If you choose to visit Colossal Colosseum, jump from the Battle Bus and land in the area. If you stick along the front of this location, you’ll spot a few large llama statues. Simply head in front of them and start emoting.

Alternatively, you can visit Coral Castle instead, in which you should land just north of the main castle. From there, you’ll be able to spot a walkway that has fish statues running along the sides. Walk up to them, emote, and get the task done.

We’ve made things a bit easier for you by marking the locations of these POIs on the Fortnite Island map below.

Fortnite Season 5 statue locations

Regardless of where you end up choosing to go, you should try landing directly at your destination after jumping from the battle bus to get this done as quickly as possible. These areas will have much busier player traffic due to challenge, so be ready for a fight

That said, we recommend heading over to Coral Castle if you wish to avoid battling other players, since it’s usually less busy than Colossal Colosseum, as a recent death map revealed. Once you’re there, you can use any emote you like at the stone statues.

Successful completion of this Epic Quest will get you 20,000 XP. You can earn more XP, and unlock brand new cosmetics by completing Epic and Legendary quests, so be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 challenges guide.

Image Credits: Epic Games