Three unreleased Fortnite weapons have been leaked

Hamza Khalid

There are a plethora of amazing new weapons in Fortnite Season 5, and now some leakers have revealed three unreleased guns. It’s not clear why these aren’t in the game because they look fun and ridiculous.

Fortnite as Chapter 2, Season 5 has been out for a while now, and it has brought a ton of exciting new content to the game, such as brand new cosmetics, quests, and crossovers with other franchises. We have also seen the arrival of brand new weapons.

There are various guns that you can try out in the game, and Season 5 introduced the brand-new Exotic Weapons. We’re all wondering what new weapons will Epic Games add next, and now some new leaks have revealed a few unreleased Fortnite weapons.

Fortnite unreleased weapons leak

This information came from Fortnite leaker ximton who made a post in the FortniteLeaks subreddit. Unreleased weapons are always fun to sort through, and this was a particularly interesting bunch that got discovered.

The first weapon we’re looking at is a minigun grenade launcher with a high rate of fire that is capable of dealing AOE damage. It’s unclear why this weapon hasn’t been implemented, but it is rumored that it was initially meant for release in Season 4.

The next weapon is an electric gun that shoots balls of explosive energy. The projectiles then explode upon impact so it functions a lot like the grenade launcher.

It’s unclear whether or not the developers plan to implement this into the game at any point, but the thread labels it as “possibly scrapped.”

The last weapon is outrageous and hilarious. It’s a gun that shoots gnome projectiles at your enemies. When it was fired, the weapon would play a guitar tune sound effect. This is definitely the kind of gun that players would love to use, but sadly we’ll probably never see it.

The thread makes it clear that this was most likely a dev only weapon. Meaning we wouldn’t have much luck getting our hands on it.

We’re not sure at this point why these weapons are not already in the game. Some of them might be planned for a future update, while others might be scrapped ideas that would never make it into the final product.

It’s possible that they were not properly optimized, which led to them functioning improperly. Regardless of what the cause is, these guns look incredibly fun and we’re hoping that someday Epic Games will decide to add them in a season of Fortnite.

Image Credits: Epic Games/ximton

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