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Green Arrow Leaked as next Fortnite Crew Skin

DC’s The Green Arrow has been leaked as the next Fortnite Crew skin.



The newest Fortnite Crew Skin has been leaked, and it’s DC’s Green Arrow.

Last month, Epic Games released the new Fortnite Crew subscription service for $11.99 USD per month. This Crew subscription comes with the season battle pass, 1,000 bonus Vbucks every month, and exclusive monthly skin.

The value of the content of this pass far outweighs the price, making it the best deal in Fortnite currently.

For the next Crew drop, it appears that Fortnite’s superhero crossover isn’t just the energetic and colorful heroes of Marvel, but also the more realistic and dark hero’s of DC as well.

Shortly after the release of update 15.10, data miners found the new Green Arrow skin pack coming to Fortnite Crew members. Additionally, arusaurZ_YT on Twitter found the skin in-game.

The pack also comes with some other Green Arrow themed goodies, including a pickaxe and back bling.

Additionally, the original poster also was able to use the skin in-game. You can watch some gameplay in the tweet below. The character is complete with his back bling and pickaxe in use. This is probably an unintentional bug that Epic didn’t catch – it’s fair to say most will not be able to use Green Arrow until he officially releases.

Perhaps this exclusive skin will be enough for players to consider purchasing the Crew Subscription. If Epic brings more DC or Marvel exclusive skins to the table, this could be an incentive for players to keep their subscription or start one.

Overall, it’s a promising continuation of Fortnite’s newest subscription service.

If you play Fortnite regularly and want to spot an exclusive skin every month, this is a great deal. If you’re someone who occasionally spends money on just the Battle Pass, this still might not be enough to sway you.