New Fortnite NPC functions leaked for Season 5

Hamza Khalid

NPC quests are among the latest additions in Fortnite Season 5, and a brand new leak suggests that Epic Games might be adding new features, such as selling your items for Gold and ordering Supply Drops.

Fortnite Season 5 has a plethora of new content such as weapons, challenges, and even some cool crossovers. However, the most prominent features of the season have been the NPCs and their Quest system.

You can visit certain NPCs to do quests, and earn Gold Bars in return. You can trade this currency for brand new upgrades. This is particularly helpful in getting the new Exotic weapons, and for recruiting NPCs as bodyguards.

Since this system is new, it’s not perfect. Epic Games are still experimenting with this feature, and a new leak suggests that there might be new NPC services coming to Fortnite.

Leaked NPC services coming soon

This information came from Hypex, who said that there would be two new features coming to the game. You will be able to sell loot to NPCs, or call Supply Drops for 600 Gold.

“We might get more NPC services where they buy loot from you or spawn 1 supply drop for 600 gold!” he said. It’s similar to how players can sell their items to villagers in Minecraft and receive emeralds in return.

600 Gold seems like a lot to pay, but the ability to call a Supply Drop can prove invaluable. You’ll be able to get the necessary resources when you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies, so be sure to save up some Gold.

You can view the leak below.

You’ll have a better chance of saving up by selling Legendary Pistols to NPCs for Gold Bars. This means that you can significantly reduce your inventory by getting rid of items that you rarely use, and earn some currency in exchange.

Selling your weaker weapons is a lot easier and faster than upgrading them. You won’t have to worry about Upgrade Benches that cost a ton of Gold to use, or about finding specific NPCs.

Both of these features might be added to Fortnite Season 5 soon. It’s exciting to see Epic Games working on more NPC services, and we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

Image Credits: Epic Games

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