Leaker claims Fortnite first-person mode in early development

Fortnite character with weapon First person mode leak

A reputable Fortnite leaker is suggesting that a first-person mode is currently in development for the massive battle royale game.

Epic Games’ willingness to evolve the franchise is often regarded as the driving force behind Fortnite’s success. Since its 2017 launch, Fortnite has undergone major changes that have kept the game feeling fresh for its massive player base.

It seems the next step in the Fortnite saga is set to introduce a first-person mode that fans have been demanding for a while now.

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Fortnite zero build mode

Until Fortnite Chapter 3, the battle royale has always been played via a third-person perspective. This camera and point of view were synonymous with Fortnite until Chapter 3 introduced the option of a first-person aim-down sight mechanic.

According to reputable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, the developers are set to take the first-person dynamic to the next level by adding a first-person mode to Fortnite.

HYPEX claims that the mode is in early development and as a result, there’s no telling when the mode might make its way to the game. The image shared by the leaker shows a player holding a weapon while utilizing the first-person perspective.

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This potential first-person mode would differ from the aim down sight mechanic as the camera would operate in first-person for the entirety of the match. Essentially it would be a permanent change only accessible while playing the rumored mode.

HYPEX also speculates that the first-person point of view “would work REALLY well for the Zero Builds Mode.” The Zero Build Mode has been a success since its release and there’s no doubt that a first-person perspective would thrive in a mode without building.

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Image Credit: Epic Games