How to unlock Mando’s Bounty Beskar Umbrella in Fortnite

Hamza Khalid
Mando’s Bounty Beskar Umbrella glide in Fortnite

Epic Games added the Mandalorian-themed Beskar Umbrella in Fortnite Season 5, and this item has made its return for the Star Wars celebrations on May 4. Here’s how you can get your hands on it in Season 6.

Fortnite is known for its popular crossovers, and Season 5 was no exception. It brought new skins from franchises like Predator and Halo, but The Mandalorian headlined the season since it first went live.

Mando had his own LTM that you could complete to unlock his Beskar Umbrella glider. If you missed the first rotation, then you can try again because it’s back for Star Wars day! Here’s how what you need to do.

Mando’s Bounty Beskar Umbrella glider in Fortnite

How to get the Beskar Umbrella glider

The Mandalorian’s Bounty LTM is similar to the John Wick one from Fortnite Chapter 1 since you’ll have to eliminate players to pick up credits with the bounty hunter chasing down the top player near the end.

It has made its return in Season 6 on May 4, so here’s how you can get your hands on Mando’s Bounty Beskar Umbrella glider in Fortnite:

  1. Jump into the Mandalorian’s Bounty LTM
  2. Eliminate other players while picking up credits
  3. Collect the most credits while fending off Mando’s attacks
  4. Win the LTM to add the Umbrella to your item locker

That covers everything you need to do in order to get Mando’s Bounty Beskar Umbrella glider. You’ll have to fend off attacks from both Mando and the other players to win, so be sure to watch your back.

Since this is an LTM, you should hurry if you want to complete it and unlock this reward. These don’t last long and are often crowded with players that have their eyes on the prize, so you can expect some heavy competition.

It’s not clear for how long this prize and LTM will remain available in the battle royale, so be sure to hop in soon. Good luck, and may the fourth be with you!

Image Credits: Epic Games

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