How to turn into a prop in Fortnite Season 6: Guide & NPC locations

Fortnite prop disguise ability

One new feature in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 allows players to turn into props after getting the ability from certain NPCs, and here’s where you can find them all on Fortnite Island.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 introduced new weaponschallenges, and a brand-new Battle Pass to fans, along with various other cool features. Now, you can make use of a new addition that lets you turn into a prop.

This is similar to the “crouch to prop” feature and community Prop Hunt mode from Chapter 1. In order to do this, you’ll have to visit certain NPCs on the map, and we’ll go over each of their locations.

Fortnite prop disguise

If you want to turn into a prop, then it’s going to cost you 75 gold. First, you’ll have to find an NPC that sells this ability, and Epic Games have placed them in different parts of the map.

This will require a bit of traveling as they aren’t in close proximity to each other, but they’re on one half of Fortnite Island, so you can get this done fairly quickly.

We’ve marked their locations with a red X on the map below:

Fortnite prop disguise NPC map locations

Fortnite Bushranger NPC Location

You can find Bushranger near Pleasant Park, but he’s not inside the the actual POI. You’ll have to search for him in the surrounding area.

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Head towards the abandoned building that is located to the southwest of the POI, and you’ll spot a clearing with a few trees next to it. That’s where you’ll find the NPC, and you can purchase the ability from him.

Bushranger in Fortnite

Fortnite Jekyll/The Good Doctor NPC Location

Jekyll, also known as The Good Doctor, can be found inside Steamy Stacks, and you can purchase the ability from him as well. Simply head inside, and find the room with the purple pool near the west-side of the POI.

He’ll spawn in there, but this might be a risky venture since you might encounter his more aggressive self if you’re not lucky. So we recommend going there with the right gear for a potential fight.

Jekyll in Fortnite

Fortnite Crustina NPC Location

This NPC resides in the Pizza Pit just north of Colossal Crops. She’s not that hard to find since she’s a giant tomato, and she’ll be standing behind the counter.

They are one of the easiest NPCs to get the ability from. Just walk through the main door, and interact with her to complete this purchase.

Crustina in Fortnite

Fortnite Raz NPC Location

You can also get the prop disguise ability from Raz, but he’s a bit trickier to find than the others. You’ll have to visit Colossal Crops and then enter the largest structure there.

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Once you’re inside, you need to head to the second floor to find him. However, this area tends to have high player traffic, so you’ll need to be ready for a fight. We recommend grabbing a weapon and some gear before heading inside.

Raz in Fortnite

Fortnite Snow Sniper NPC Location

Finally, you can also get the prop ability from Snow Sniper. She is located near Retail Row, and is the furthest away from the other NPCs.

Snow Sniper in Fortnite

Head to the mountain ridge that is to the east of the POI, and you’ll find her at the top. That covers all the locations of every NPC from whom you can purchase this ability.

Since Fortnite Season 6 just started, we can expect these locations to change up over the next few months. Once they do, we’ll be sure to update this article.

Image Credits: Epic Games