How to hunt Living Loot Llamas in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

Hamza Khalid
How to hunt Living Llamas in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 has finally arrived, and it has brought back Loot Llamas to the map, but they will now run away from you, and you’ll need to hunt the Fortnite living loot llamas.

There is a plethora of brand-new content to explore in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. There are various map changes, an alien invasion, more characters from DC, and a new Battle Pass to progress through.

Loot Llamas have been added back to the island after being absent for Season 6. However, the catch is that they’re alive now and will run away from players. Here’s how you can catch them and collect some nice loot for yourself.

Loot Llama in Fortnite

You can find plenty of gear and weapons to loot while exploring the Fortnite map, but Loot Llamas provide particular supplies. These were abundant in Season 5 but were removed for Season 6.

In Season 7, Loot Llamas will no longer sit still while you attack them and will now run away. Loot will begin leaking from them as they take damage, but they can also teleport. Some new leaks imply that they can swim too.

According to Fortnite data miners, you’ll only get to interact with five Loot Llamas in a single game.

How to hunt Living Loot Llamas in Fortnite Season 7

While we don’t currently know their spawn locations, you can follow any Llamas you encounter around the map and then hunt them down. Luckily, this task isn’t too difficult to complete if you’re patient.

These creatures have a lot of endurance and will eat up much of your ammo. However, the good news is that they’ll continuously drop items like ammo for you to collect. We recommend that you prioritize picking these up.

Eventually, the Fortnite living Loot Llamas will glow and disappear after their health bar is depleted, leaving behind more items to collect. We’ll update this article with more information about finding them once it becomes available.

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