How to hire a Specialist in Fortnite: All Specialist locations, commands, more

Polar Patroller NPC in FortniteEpic Games

Fortnite introduced Specialists as powerful NPCs who can aid your team in battle with a wide range of specialized skills. Here’s how you can hire a Specialist in Fortnite and command them to visit named locations, attack, defend, revive, and more.

Fortnite has been a top battle royale game for several years and one of the biggest reasons behind it is the game’s dynamic island. You will stumble upon a ton of interactive elements and quest items and every major location has an NPC who patrols the area and offers different types of services to players.

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While some NPCs on the Fortnite island will sell you high-quality weapons and consumables for Gold Bars, others are Specialists that can help with scouting, supplies, healing, and explosives.

On that note, let’s learn how to hire a Specialist in Fortnite.

A NPC in FortniteEpic Games
Interacting with Fortnite NPCs can help you complete quests.

How to hire a Specialist in Fortnite

You can hire a Specialist in Fortnite by visiting them on the map and when you interact with them, the sliding menu should grant you an option to hire the desired Specialist with Gold Bars. As of Chapter 4 Season 2, you’ll need 200-250 Gold Bars to do so.

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The Fortnite map is quite large and you’ll find Specialists in only eight locations. Let’s take a look at all the Specialist locations in Fortnite.

All Specialist locations in Fortnite

You’ll find the locations of all Specialists in Fortnite in this image:

All eight Specialists locations in
Supply Specialists in Fortnite can boost your loot.

The directions to reach these Specialists in the game are:

  1. Munitions Expert (Supply Specialists) – Patrols Breakwater Bay.
  2. Longshot (Scout Specialists) – Eastern edge of the map.
  3. Garrison (Supply Specialist) – At Watery Watch on the southeastern edge of the map.
  4. Sludge (Heavy Specialist) – Patrols Steamy Springs.
  5. Remedy (Medic Specialist) – Patrols the woods east of Slappy Shores.
  6. Triage Trooper ( Medic Specialist) – Patrols the area south of Lonely Labs.
  7. Insight (Scout Specialist) – Northeastern area of Brutal Bastion, at Cold Cavern.
  8. Polar Patroller (Heavy Specialist) – Patrols the frozen lake located south of Insight.

How to command a hired Specialist in Fortnite

To command a hired Specialist in Fortnite, open the command menu by pressing the middle mouse button or the left button on the direction pad of your controller. The menu includes the following options:

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  • Wait
  • Move to a specific location
  • Revive

It is important to note that the command menu and its respective options only become available after you’ve hired the NPC with Gold Bars and they’re following you.

That was everything you need to know about hiring and commanding Specialists in Fortnite. For more content on the game, check out:

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