How to complete Fortnite Syndicate Quests: Part 2 challenges & rewards

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Fortnite character using Kinetic Blade

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, a new set of Syndicate quests has been added. The quests are much similar to the first set of Syndicate quests released as the new season dropped. Here is how you can complete part 2 Syndicate quests.

Fortnite is one of the most popular live service games, thanks to its frequent updates. Fortnite’s Chapter 4, season 2 refreshed the battle royale again with its innovations. Starting with new map changes, picturesque locations, outfits, and a complete reshuffle of the weapons’ pool.

In Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 2, Syndicate quests became a ritual much like the Cipher quests last season. The part 2 Syndicate quests have six challenges in all. Once you complete the first challenge, you will be able to move to the second, and so on. You do not need to complete all the challenges in one game. Completing these challenges will earn you lots of XP.

The part 2 Syndicate quests are pretty straightforward. However, the key is to survive long enough to complete most of them. Make sure to equip yourself as these areas are currently heavily contested.

Fortnite Syndicate Quests (Part 2) & rewards

Here is the list of all six challenges you need to complete for part 2 Syndicate quests. You will get 15,000 XP after each challenge and the Stray Spectre Emoticon as a reward for completing Part 2 of Fortnite’s Syndicate quests:

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How to win the Arcade Game in Fallow Fuel or Slap ‘n Go

Fortnite Map image of the Fallow Fuel location.Go to Fallow Fuel to use the Arcade machine

To complete the first Syndicate challenge in Fortnite, you need to go to either of the gas stations in Fallow Fuel or Slap ‘n Go. The locations will be marked on the map similar to the first part of Syndicate quests. We went to the gas station that is located in Fallow Fuel landmark.

Once inside, you will be able to spot an Arcade machine beside the vending machines. The steps to win the game is similar to the Arcade games we played during the first part of Syndicate quests. Here, you will have to move the green colored ball to the X marked on the screen. To do that, you will have to use the arrows on the screen and that is pretty much it.

Once done, you will be able to move to the second challenge.

How to eliminate opponents with the Kinetic Blade

Fortnite Bamboo Circle landmark where CRZ-8 is walking.Pick up the Kinetic Blade from the Bamboo Circle landmark to defeat enemies.

The second Syndicate challenge in Fortnite requires you to eliminate opponents with the Kinetic Blade. Once again, the locations will be marked on the map. We went to the Bamboo Circle landmark for this challenge. Make sure to be quick once you land, as the chances are someone will be there trying to eliminate you from the challenge.

Here you will find the Kinetic Blade which you need to use for eliminating two enemies. In case you already have a Kinetic Blade, make sure to pick the one in the abovementioned landmark. This is just to keep your enemies from acquiring one if they are there.

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Once done, you will be able to move to the third challenge.

How to survive storm phases while carrying a weapon of Epic Rarity or Higher

Fortnite kinetic bladeYou can use the Kinetic Blade as your weapon for this challenge.

To complete the third Syndicate challenge in Fortnite, you need to carry a weapon of Epic Rarity or Higher and survive three storm circles. This becomes easier because you already have the Epic Rarity Kinetic Blade which you just acquired to complete the previous challenge.

Kinetic Blades are the easiest to find as they are scattered all around the map. It can be found as part of floor loot, and chests, inside the main building at Kenjutsu Crossing POI.

Once you have the weapon of Epic Rarity or Higher, the task is to survive for three storm circles while carrying the weapon. Make sure to keep your health and shields up to avoid elimination during combat as these places are infested with enemies.

After completing this challenge, you can move to the fourth one.

How to claim a Capture Point

You will need to claim a Capture Point to complete the fourth Syndicate challenge in Fortnite. We all have claimed a Capture Point before so this should not be a problem. You need to go to any named POIs like Anvil Square, Citadel, or Mega City. There, you will find a circle around the flag. All you need to do is stay inside the circle until the flag is up and that takes about 45 seconds.

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Once you have claimed a Capture Point, you will be able to see the nearby enemies, pick weapons, and shield potions. This will give you an advantage as you move to the next challenge.

How to win the Arcade Game in Breakwater Bay or Anvil Square

To complete the fifth Syndicate challenge in Fortnite, you need to once again win an Arcade game in either Breakwater Bay or Anvil Square. The two locations will be marked on the map and you can go to either and follow the same steps of winning the Arcade game as the first challenge.

Once you are done, move to the final challenge.

How to report to Stray or Mizuki

Fortnite map image for NPC locationsThe yellow circled spots is where you will find the NPCs.

Now to complete the final Syndicate challenge in Fortnite, you need to report either Stray or Mizuki. Mizuki can be found in the Eastern Watch landmark, east of Citadel. Stray can be found in the northwestern part of Mega City POI. Simply talk to either of them to complete the quest.

Well, there you have it. That is all the part 2 Syndicate quests you need to complete.

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