How to complete Fortnite Season 6 Week 7 challenges

Liam Mackay
Fortnite Season 6 Week 7 quests

The latest batch of weekly challenges for Fortnite has been revealed, so here’s everything you need to do for Season 6’s Week 7 Quests.

Fortnite offers weekly challenges so players can earn a ton of XP towards completing the Season 6 Battle Pass. These have included trying out the new crafting mechanics and visit locations around the updated map.

Following the 16.30 Update, we’re now in Week 7, and its challenges are much easier than last week’s, as most will be completed naturally as you play for Victory Royales.

Here’s every Quest for Fortnite Season 6 Week 7, and some top tips to help you complete them quickly.

Fortnite Primal Shotgun

Fortnite Season 6 Week 7 Quests

Week 7’s challenges will release on April 29 at 9AM ET / 2PM BST, but thanks to leaker iFireMonkey, we can see the Quests early.

Here’s the full list of Fortnite Chapter 2’s Season 6 Week 7 Quests:

  • Makeshift weapon elimination (1)
  • Primal weapon elimination (1)
  • Mechanical weapon elimination (1)
  • Mark weapons of different rarity (1)
  • Collect meat or peppers (5)
  • Consume Foraged items (3)
  • Hunt Raptors (2)

Luckily, Week 7’s challenges are easy to complete, as most of the Quests will be completed naturally, and there are ways you can speed your progress up.

We recommend you queue into Team Rumble and use each weapon type until you get an elimination with them. Hunting Raptors and collecting meat can be completed together, as a dead Raptor will drop meat for you to pick up.

Fortnite Season 6 Raptor

Also, keep an eye out for Nom boxes on the map – these can be found all over, particularly in Gas Stations and Restaurants. These will drop Foraged items, so eat three of the dropped items to complete that part of the Quest.

There is also a Legendary Quest for you to complete in Week 7 to earn a ton of extra XP. For this, you’ll have to deal 12,500 damage to opponents, with XP being rewarded for every 2500 damage dealt.

Again, the easiest way to complete this Legendary Quests is to hop into Team Rumble where you’ll get into lots of fights per match and the competition is generally less tough.

And that’s it for Week 7! Epic Games recently added the Unstable Bow, so you can follow our guide on how to get your hands on this new Exotic weapon.

Image Credit: Epic Games