How to complete Bounties in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Liam Mackay

Fortnite Season 5 has added Bounties, where you must hunt down and eliminate other players for XP and Gold Bars.

Players have eight days from the launch of Season 5 to complete five Bounty Contracts and earn 55k XP. Epic Games recommends you try to complete this Quest as a squad because it can be quite tricky.

The game doesn’t make it obvious how to complete a Bounty Contract, so here’s a guide to follow.

How to complete a Bounty Contract

The bounty system in Fortnite is quite similar to Warzone’s; you are assigned a target you must eliminate on the map.

To start the Bounty, you have to talk to Mancake who is inside this building to the South of the center of the map.

Getting to him will be tricky, as most players will be rushing to complete the Bounty Hunter Challenges. To make it even harder, damaging Mancake will turn him hostile.

Once you speak to him, you get the choice to either accept a bounty, complete a task, buy a weapon, or hire him to attack with you.

Once you accept the bounty, you must eliminate a specific enemy player within six minutes. Like Warzone, the map will be marked with a circle that the enemy is inside. Fortnite will tell you the player’s skin, which makes this challenge much easier when you’re fighting squads.

After eliminating your bounty target, you will be rewarded with XP and 70 Gold Bars.

You can also go back to Mancake who will offer you another bounty. If you’re skilled enough, it’s possible to complete all five bounties in one or two matches.

So to recap:

  • Land at the large building in the centre of the map
  • Speak to Mancake and accept a bounty
  • Find an eliminate the bounty target within six minutes
  • Repeat

With everyone looking to complete these challenges, expect this area to be extremely populated with bounty hunters and their targets.