How to build and destroy sandcastles for Fortnite Week 10 challenges

Hamza Khalid
Where to find and destroy sandcastles in Fortnite

The latest set of Fortnite Weekly Quests has been revealed, with a couple of them requiring you to build and destroy sandcastles. Here’s how you can complete this Epic Quest.

Weekly Quests provide Fortnite players the opportunity to earn a ton of extra XP as they progress through the different tiers of the season’s Battle Pass. There are brand-new ones to tackle in Week 10 of Season 6.

One of the Epic Quests this week requires you to build sandcastles, while another has you destroy them. You can get this done by visiting various beaches across Fortnite Island, so here’s where you should look.

Destroying sandcastles in Fortnite

Where to find sandcastles in Fortnite

This challenge is actually more complicated than it sounds because you’ll need to visit separate locations for building and destroying sandcastles on the Fortnite map.

You’ll need to build three sandcastles, and you can get this done by visiting beaches at the following locations:

  • Southwest of Holly Hedges
  • North of Dirty Docks

Once you’ve built three of these, you’ll have completed one of Week 10’s Epic Quests. Then, you’ll need to destroy three sandcastles with a gun or pickaxe in other locations to complete the other one. You can do this in these areas:

  • West of Misty Meadows
  • Northeast of Craggy Cliffs

To make things a bit easier, we’ve marked all of these locations on the map below.

Where to find sandcastles in Fortnite

You’ll get 24,000 XP for destroying sandcastles, and destroying three will net you the same amount, which totals up to 48,000 XP. You can also complete the other Epic Quests to earn even more.

It’s worth keeping in mind that these sandcastles tend to spawn at random, so you might not find them at every visit. It would help if you tried completing these Epic Quests in Team Rumble since respawning makes it much easier.

That covers everything you need to do for these Weekly Quests. There will be even more challenges and new content when Fortnite Season 7 goes live.

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