Fortnite Season 5 set for Alien crossover

Andrew Highton
fortnite season 5 alien crossover

Alien looks set to be the next franchise represented in Fortnite Season 5’s ever-growing list of famous video game and film tie-ins.

Fortnite Season 5 has become a who’s-who of A-listers in the Hollywood and video game industry. The list of headliners is now longer than Santa’s naughty and nice list with the likes of Master Chief, The Terminator, and The Flash as just a small handful of instantly-recognizable names.

But one of the most interesting turn of events could be about to cause pure war and chaos on the Fortnite Island. A new leak from popular Twitter user ShiinaBR revealed a new portal image with horrible sounds emanating from within.

The locale and disgusting sounds are eerily familiar, and sci-fi fans will instantly hark back to childhood memories of Alien as it seems like the deadly Xenomorph is headed for Fortnite Season 5.

fortnite season 5 crossover alien film

Alien vs Predator in Fortnite Season 5?

The portal image shows a dimly-lit corridor in what can only be described as the familiar interior of a spaceship. Eagled-eyed viewers will see that it closely resembles the classic USCSS Nostromo ship from the Alien franchise.

Then, if the stock corridor video is played with sound, the ears are treated to an ominous echo of ringing, growling, and shrieking. The unpleasant combination screams the arrival of space’s most iconic alien.

If all the signs do point to an Alien crossover, then it will mean that two of Hollywood’s fiercest rivals will now be in the same game. History has told us that Aliens and Predators notoriously don’t get along that well, as evidenced by their film rivalry.

Could it mean they get their own spin-off mode? Or will there be special interactions they have with each other? Only time will tell.

Another important thing to note is that we don’t know which version of Alien we could potentially end up seeing either. It could either be a traditional 7ft Xenomorph, or Epic could opt to put the fear in everyone by welcoming the Queen that stands at a whopping 20ft.

Either way, an Alien crossover would be a welcome addition to Fortnite Season 5, and it would continue to bolster the game’s impressive repertoire of crossovers. With a few weeks still left, we have to wonder who else we might see, with Family Guy’s Peter Griffin even being rumored as a bizarre tie-in.

Image credits: Epic Games/ 20th Century Fox

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