Fortnite Operation Snowdown: all Snowmando Outpost locations

Liam Mackay

Fortnite’s Operation: Snowdown event has begun, so here are the locations of the Snowmando outposts to complete the first set of challenges.

Fortnite’s festive event has begun, with a fresh set of challenges and cosmetic items to earn. They are given out by the new character Snowmando, who will award you with loading screens, weapon wraps, gliders, and other cosmetics.

Completing nine of the 14 challenges will award you the Snowmando skin to play as, and completing 12 will give you a ‘Winter Warrior’ skin. You’ll have just over two weeks to complete the challenges, as they end in early January 2021.

The challenges were previously leaked, but there have been some changes, so there may be some surprises along the way.

The Operation Snowdown challenges for December 18, the first day of the event, will require you to:

  • Visit 5 different Snowmando outposts
  • Search 5 chests at Snowmando outposts

Fortnite Snowmando outpost locations

Snowmando Outposts are dotted around the Fortnite Island. They are similar to the Expedition Outposts with planes parked outside.

Here are the locations of the Snowmando Outposts.

Fortnite Snowmando outpost locations
  1. West of Pleasant Park, below the ‘P’ on the map.
  2. South-East of Steamy Stacks by the beach.
  3. East of Logjam Woodworks.
  4. North-East of Slurpy Swamp, by the dam.
  5. South of Catty Corner, up on the mountain.

The outposts appear to have a random chance of spawning. Across regular BR and Team Rumble, sometimes the outposts are there and sometimes they aren’t. You will just need to keep playing until you visit all five.

If the outpost is there, try to be the first player inside and open as many chests as you can. You may die after opening a couple, but this will be the most effective way to get the five chests.

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