Fortnite offers free 100 Thieves ‘Jam’ merch through Creative Contest

Nicholas Sakadelis

Fortnite and 100 Thieves have joined forces on a Creative Mode contest, offering players free merch and gear.

Earlier today, Epic announced a 100 Thieves Creative Mode contest for Fortnite players. Prizes include early access to the “Jam” apparel line. Participants will have to visit the 100 Thieves creator hub and make posts on social media to enter.

Here’s the official steps to enter:

  1. Jump into Fortnite Creative and explore the 100T Featured Hub
  2. Take a screenshot or shoot a video of your favorite Fortnite character in the 100T Featured Hub.
  3. Share the screenshot or video on social, tagging @100Thieves and @FNCreate on Twitter. Make sure to include #100TCreative in your submission.
  4. Submit by December 1 at 10:00am ET

How To Win

Per the official rules, there is a point system assigned to your entry. Follow the point guide below to maximize your score and get the best chance at winning.

  • 50 Points – Creativity
  • Include a unique and interesting screenshot or video in your submission.
  • Include a witty, humorous, and fun caption in your social post.
  • 10 Points – Party Up
  • Entry includes one or more of your friends on Fortnite
  • 10 Points – Fortnite Video Chat
  • Entry includes a video of you and your friends experiencing the Hub while using the new Fortnite Video Chat feature

The rules also state your entry must be appropriate and positive towards the 100 Thieves brand. Your entry also cannot appear to be similar to another entry or break copyright rules.


The top fifteen submissions will earn the following rewards, based on how well-received your submissions are.

1 Place – One (1) custom leather bag; one (1) DO NOT DISTURB sign; one (1) Decals Customization Kit; one (1) Premium Day One Pin; one (1) Branded Astro Headset (PS5); two (2) Nice Slurp Juice Cups; one (1) 100 Thieves hoodie, one (1) 100 Thieves t-shirt, one (1) 100 Thieves hat, and one (1) 100 Thieves keychain (ARV: USD$1,587.28).

2 – 3 Place:  One (1) Decals Customization Kit; (1) DO NOT DISTURB sign; one (1) Premium Day One Pin; one (1) Branded Astro Headset (PS5); two (2) Nice Slurp Juice Cups; one (1) 100 Thieves hoodie and one (1) 100 Thieves t-shirt (ARV: USD$544.48 each).

4 – 5 Place: One (1) 100 Thieves hoodie and one (1) 100 Thieves t-shirt (ARV: USD$135.00 each).

6 – 10 Place: One (1) 100 Thieves t-shirt and one (1) 100 Thieves hat (ARV: USD$80.00 each).

11 – 15 Place: One (1) 100 Thieves hat and one (1) 100 Thieves keychain (ARV: USD$43.00 each).

Best of luck competing!

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