Fortnite leak reveals upcoming shotguns, melee weapon & more Exotics

Liam Mackay

A Fortnite leak has revealed several upcoming weapons for Fortnite Season 5 and beyond, including two new shotguns, a melee weapon, and more Exotic items.

Fortnite has always kept its loot-pool fresh by consistently adding, removing, and tweaking weapons. Some popular weapons were ‘vaulted’ in Season 5, such as the Pump Shotgun and AUG. However, weapons like the P90 and the Charge Shotgun reappeared.

New weapons, the Dragon Shotgun and The Mandalorian’s rifle were added this season, and Fortnite leaker and data miner FortTory has found several more upcoming weapons and items.

Leaked weapons

A bunch of new weapons have been discovered in the game files, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and a melee weapon.

Fortnite has seen a few melee weapons added over the years. First, there was the Mythic Infinity Blade, and then came lightsabers and the Kingsman Umbrella. New to Season 5, The Mandalorian’s rifle also doubles up as a melee weapon. Now, a “Melee_Edged_Sword_Heavy” has been found in the game files.

The Pump Shotgun was controversially vaulted for Season 5, but two more types have been found in the game files.

First, there’s the “Shotgun_Swing.” To ‘swing’ a shotgun is to transition between targets, but we’re unsure if the name will have any relevance to the shotgun itself.

And secondly, there’s the “Shotgun_Western_Athena” which appears to be a Wild-West themed weapon. In the Battle Pass trailer, we see Mancake wield what appears to be a Winchester. This could be Fortnite’s version of the Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun.

Also, the weapon Mancake has could be the leaked “Sniper_Repeater.” In the 1800s, the Winchester Rifle had a similar repeating action to the shotgun. These weapons may be added together in a cowboy-themed update, similar to Tilted Town from Season X.

Leaked Exotics

FortTory also revealed more upcoming Exotic items. This new item rarity was added with Season 5, and they can all be purchased from NPCs around the map for Gold Bars.

It’s unlikely that all of these Exotic weapons will make their way into the game, but we expect a good few will be added in future updates.

We probably won’t see all of these leaked weapons in the game. The previously leaked Dual-Wield Machine Pistols and Fire Extinguishers are yet to appear.

With Mancake seen holding the Winchester in some form, it’s safe to assume either the shotgun or sniper will appear as Season 5’s story unfolds.

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