Fortnite 22.20 update patch notes: Fortnitemares, Howler Claws, diagonal movement, bug fixes

Liam Mackay
Fortnite character with howler claws in Fortnitemares update

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is rolling on, with the 22.20 update bringing Halloween to Epic’s battle royale. The Fortnitemares event has arrived along with the Howler Claws weapon, with a new movement setting, and bug fixes.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 brought even more major changes to Epic Games’ hit battle royale, with the Paradise update bringing the new Chrome weapons, Vaults, and more. Epic didn’t just leave it at that though, bringing new content with weekly updates.

The latest to arrive is the 22.20 update which brought the highly anticipated Fortnitemares and all of its Halloween content, alongside a new mouse and keyboard movement setting and bug fixes. Here are the full Fortnite 22.20 update patch notes.

Fortnitemares arrives in Fortnite 22.20 update

Halloween is almost here, and Epic are celebrating by bringing back the fan-favorite Fortnitemares event with Fortnite Season 4’s 22.20 update.

With Fortnitemares, players can turn into a monster, complete Quests for free rewards, and play the new Zero Build Horde Rush mode. Plus, Candy and the classic Pumpkin Launcher have been unvaulted for the event.

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Fortnite 22.20 update brings Howler Claws

Howler claws in Fortnite Fortnitemares

It’s possible to turn into a wolf-like monster throughout Fortnitemares 2022, and doing so will grant you the new Howler Claws weapon. Just approach the Alteration Altars and perform the Ritual Emote, and you’ll be granted these powerful tools.

Howler Claws allow Fortnitemares players to get tracking vision with the Wolfscent Ability and use their Slash and Air Slash abilities to deal a ton of damage with a four-combo melee attack.

Fortnite 22.20 brings Diagonal Movement setting

Many Fortnite players prefer a mouse and keyboard for its many keybinds and precision aim, and the new Diagonal Movement setting allows mouse and keyboard players to, you guessed it, move diagonally.

Before the 22.20 update, mouse and keyboard players could only move in one direction but with the new “Use Custom Diagonals” setting, players can press two movement keys to move in a diagonal direction. The angle can also be adjusted through the Settings tab.

Fortnite 22.20 update patch notes


  • With the exception of map changes, the Fortnitemares changes are not included in competitive playlists.


  • Reboot Cards no longer sink if the player was eliminated in water.
  • Players are again able to see the progress of their EvoChrome weapon evolutions in competitive playlists.
  • Moving the right stick on controller no longer unintentionally navigates menus.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile causing water to appear as if it was floating above the ground.

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Image Credit: Epic Games