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How to find Keys in Fortnite and open Vaults

Fortnite Season 4 features secure Vaults contianing top-tier loot that can only be opened with Keys, here’s where to find them on the map.



Fortnite Keys with logo

Fortnite Season 4 gives players the opportunity to score top-tier loot by tracking down and finding a way inside Vaults. Here’s where you can find Keys and how to open Vaults in Fortnite.

Epic Games have reinvented Fortnite once again in Season 4, this time splattering the map in liquid Chrome that fundamentally changes how the game is played. From the Chrome Splash items that let players phase through walls, to the new EvoChrome weapons that upgrade themselves over time.

Another interesting new feature is the addition of Vaults, which contain precious loot that can set you and your squad perfectly for the match ahead – if you can open them.

These valuable resources can only be unlocked with Keys, so here’s where to find them and how to crack open Vaults once you have enough.

Where to find keys in Fortnite

There are multiple places you can find Keys in Fortnite, but the best option is to look for Chrome Chests. These have the highest probability of dropping a Key, and are mainly found in Chrome-covered POIs like Lustrous Lagoon or Shimmering Shrine.

You can also find keys out of regular Chests or as ground loot, but this is much rarer. So, if you want to give yourself the best chance of collecting Keys, the east side of the map is the best place to land at the start of a game.

Fortnite Vault locations

Once you’ve collected one or two Keys, the nearest Vault to your current location will ping on the screen. However, if that particular Vault is too hotly contested, open up the map and head to the locations marked by a padlock icon.

A padlock with one keyhole means only a single key is needed to open that Vault, whereas two keyholes indicate that two are required. So, make sure you have enough Keys between you and the rest of the squad to open the door.

Check out the map below to see every Vault currently available on the Fortnite map:

Fortire Vaults marked on map

How to unlock vaults in Fortnite

Once you’ve tracked down enough keys and found a Vault to open, simply interact with the lock on the front to insert the Key. You’ll have to manually insert each Key if it requires more than one, and squadmates can also use their own Keys on the same Vault.

The door takes a few agonizing seconds to open, so it’s worth making sure the coast is clear before committing to opening a Vault. It’s worth the wait though, as the only thing left to do now is head inside and help yourself to the multiple Chests, Chug Barrels, and Ammo Boxes.

There will often be a couple of Rare Chests containing Purple or Gold weapons as well, so finding a Vault early can give your team a massive advantage as the match unfolds.

For more ways of earning wins in Fortnite Season 4, make sure you have the proper setup with the best Fortnite PC settings and best controller settings.

Image credits: Epic Games / Fortnite.GG