Epic Games tease Raptor Eggs & Unstable Bow in Fortnite Season 6

Nicholas Sakadelis
Fortnite Exotic bow Season 6

It appears that Raptor Eggs and new exotic weapons coming later in Chapter 2: Season 6.

While Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 has just kicked off, we’re now getting some information on future plans for the rest of the season, like leaks pointing to new weapons being added, along with dinosaur NPC’s being added into the game in a future update.

All of these of course were just considered as leaks when they were originally discovered, until Epic Games themselves released some teasers in a blog post on March 22, 2021.

In this post, it appears that Epic has publicly acknowledged players datamining the game and has teased about the Dinosaur Eggs players have been leaking to the community. The post reads “Uh, what about those eggs?”

Epic then continues “We’re not really sure we want to touch that one yet. You should stay away, too.” as a bit of a jab at the datamining community. We’re unsure exactly if Epic is teasing that the community is correct about the Raptors, or if they’re still internally deciding if they are going to use the eggs. We suppose we’ll see in the upcoming weeks.

Aside from this, the blog post also teased “Unstable” exotic weapons, that will surely be releasing throughout the course of Season 6. We hope to see some Dinosaur slaying action in the future, so hopefully Epic will keep the primal theme with the weapons as well.

Fortnite characters in Season 6.

We do know from leaks that if Epic does plan on releasing Dinosaurs, they will be spawning from eggs scattered around the map, presumably when a player destroys them, maybe the future weapons will be proficient in eliminating the Raptors the eggs may spawn.

We’ll be sure to update if we get any word from leaks or Epic Games regarding the addition of the new exotic weapons and the rumored Raptor NPC’s.

Image Credit: Epic Games