Epic Games explains why Fortnite’s Godslayer Pickaxe can be returned for free

Liam Mackay
Fortnite Gamora with the Godslayer Pickaxe

After an issue with Gamora’s The Godslayer Pickaxe in Fortnite, Epic Games changed the animation. Because of this, players can now return the Marvel-themed Harvesting Tool for free.

Fortnite received yet another Marvel skin with Gamora from Guardian’s of the Galaxy. In this bundle came Gamora’s comic book outfit, Cloak, Glideboard, and The Godslayer sword.

However, The Godslayer Harvesting Tool wasn’t behaving as a sword should, so Epic Games adjusted its animation. Now, in case players are unhappy with the change, they can return the Godslayer for free.

Fortnite Gamora Bundle with Godslayer Pickaxe

In a Tweet on September 1, Epic Games announced that: “Following a change to the animation of “The Godslayer” Pickaxe, all players owning it before the v17.50 update (August 31, 2021) will be able to return this item without using a return ticket.”

The accompanying sword, The Godslayer Pickaxe, behaved the same as Thor’s Hammer. So while using Godslayer, you’d actually be swinging it one-handed, tossing it from hand to hand like Mjolnir.

Epic Games have now fixed this, and Godslayer is now swung two-handed like a broadsword. Because of the change, Epic is allowing players to return the pickaxe, getting their V-Bucks back, for free.

How to return Fortnite Godslayer Pickaxe for free

Through Fornite’s settings, players have three chances to return any bundle or item of their choosing. Since Epic have made a significant change to the Godslayer Pickaxe, any player who owned it ahead of August 31’s 17.50 update can return it without using a ticket.

You only have 30 days after your next login to return The Godslayer, so you’ll need to quickly decide whether you want to keep it.

gamora in Fortnite Comic Strip

It’s also worth noting that if you purchased the entire Gamora bundle, you’ll likely be giving up the entire set. However, if you just purchased the Godslayer sword on its own, you’ll get the 800 V-Bucks back.

Here’s how to return the Godslayer Pickaxe for free:

  1. Launch Fortnite
  2. Click on the menu icon on the top right and hit ‘Settings’
  3. Navigate over to the ‘Account and Privacy’ tab marked by the silhouette icon
  4. Click ‘Submit a Request’
  5. If you’ve purchased the Godslayer Pickaxe in the last 30 days, it will be there ready for a free refund

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Image Credit: Epic Games

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