Best Fortnite 1v1 Realistic map codes: July 2022

Two players engaging in a 1v1 in Fortnite

The best way to prove your skill in Fortnite to either a friend or a foe is to 1v1 them in a Creative map. But to do that for actual Battle Royale scenarios, you need to fight it out on a Realistic map. Here are the best Fortnite 1v1 Realistic map codes as of July 2022.

Fortnite players have been 1v1’ing one another since Fortnite Creative came out and map builders started creating practice arenas in-game. The concept of 1v1 became popular right before the 1st Fortnite World Cup when pros were warming up every day to win the big prize.

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Ever since then, every player who wants to go pro in the game needs to warm up on a Fortnite Creative map against another player to improve their skill. Realistic maps are quite popular to serve this purpose.

Instead of a normal box fight, Realistic maps put you in an environment to play with. They feature certain POIs or prefabs from the Battle Royale island to create a simulated Battle Royale situation. Even the loot is random like an actual Battle Royale game that keeps changing.

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Here’s a list of the best 1v1 Realistic map codes in Fortnite as of July 2022.

Fortnite 1v1 Realistic map codes: July 2022

Finest’s Realistic (1v1)

Finest's Realistic 1v1 map in Fortnite

Code: 7950-6308-4857

When it comes to Fortnite Realistic maps, Finest is the map creator who started it all. He is known for his exquisite Realistic maps that players love to 1v1 each other in.

This particular 1v1 map puts you in a situation between a hill and water where you will need to fight against your opponent using an actual Battle Royale situation. This map is widely used by pros and content creators to warm up before their streams.

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Grief Reef: Summer 1V1

Grief Reef Summer 1v1 map in Fortnite

Looking for the same No Sweat Summer vibes in 1v1 maps as well? Here’s a map called Grief Reef: Summer 1V1 that will put you in a summer-themed environment to keep you vibin’.

Moreover, if you were a fan of Sweaty Sands and miss the POI, you will love all the buildings and sand that resemble the place to some extent. It also has all the fish for you to get from a freezer or the water so you can get a quick heal before your opponent gets to you.

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Tilted Arena: No Build

Tilted Arena No Build Fortnite Map

Code: 1443-9062-5172

Here’s another map by Finest but this time, he chose to give the same Realistic experience to Zero Build players who can enjoy the 1v1 tradition as well. Tilted Arena: No Build puts you and your opponent in Tilted Towers but with builds disabled.

This map is perfect for you if you enjoy playing Zero Build and would like to warm up right before jumping into the main playlist matches.

Head-Shot Only Box Fight (STRIKER)

Headshot only box fight striker map in Fortnite

Code: 1239-8960-3295

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This map is for you if using shotguns is something you’d like to perfect. Head-Shot Only Box Fight, as the name suggests, is a box fight 1v1 map that only gives one weapon to the player – the Striker Pump shotgun.

But here’s the catch – you can only eliminate someone with a headshot and whoever gets the most kills in 10 minutes wins. Moreover, builds are reset every two minutes. This is by far the toughest 1v1 map players can fight one another and warm up.

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GUN FIGHT: Black Forest

Gun Fight Black Forest map in Fortnite

Code: 9546-5724-7030 (Use 3838-6426-5716 if you want to jump into a custom game)

Overwatch-style PvP battle comes to this realistic 1v1 Fortnite map in a forest cabin-themed location. You can jump in or go solo against your opponent in this map where the loadout keeps randomizing and you need to fight it out in a realistic environment.

Break builds or ramp up on your opponents in this map that brings back several buildings or elements from Chapter 1 so both new and OG players can enjoy the map alike.

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GUN GAME: Seashore Resort

Gun Game Seashore resort Fortnite map

Code: 1322-5678-1260

Here’s another summer-themed realistic 1v1 map that takes you on a summer getaway at Fortnite’s famous Seashore Resort. Swim or build in water to fight your opponent or build over the existing architecture while you warm up in a realistic environment.

This one is a vast map where several players can play against one another in different teams.

Finest’s Realistic 1v1-4v4v4v4’s

Finest's Realistic 1v1 - 4v4v4v4 map in Fortnite

Code: 6078-7811-0032

Another one of Finest’s classic realistic maps that do not limit the warm-up to only a 1v1. Thrown into the mix are several variations of the number of team members players want in their respective teams.

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From a 1v2v3 to a 4v4v2, the maximum limit of players in one team is four. So you can make your choice in your own custom format on this map and fight in a realistic environment with random loot.

Flash Flood Zone Wars [Tilted Towers]

Flash Flood Zone Wars 1v1 map in Fortnite

Code: 7027-0392-8790

Another water-themed Realistic map proves especially troublesome because of a map literally flooded with water, but thankfully, a chance of being saved from fall damage. This map is set in Tilted Towers where players can engage in a sweaty 1v1 battle, close to an actual Battle Royale match, and also fight it in water.

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The loot is randomized and players are allowed to swim and build in water like they do in the main playlist game modes.

Walter’s Realistic 1v1

Walter's Realistic 1v1 map in Fortnite

Code: 3536-5435-2271

This map is described as “the most Realistic map ever made”. It puts you in an environment close to the lighthouse situated south of Sweaty Sands in Chapter 2.

You can get into a high-pressure 1v1 battle with your opponents uphill, downhill, or right at the top of the lighthouse. But beware of the fall damage or the height of your build which could land you to defeat.

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Shipment Gun Game

Shipment Gun Game in Fortnite

Code: 4804-9489-3873

This map is identical to Call of Duty’s famous Shipment map as it takes the crates of Dirty Docks and puts them in a similar arrangement. The difference here is that you can 1v1 your opponents in a realistic environment and build fight them to victory.

Engage in a high combat deathmatch and get ready for a more tactical warm-up in this Fortnite map.

Realistic maps have stood the test of time and are the most reliable practice maps for competitive and casual Fortnite players who want to be good at the game. We will keep you updated if there are any new maps out there that you might miss in the future.

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Image Credits: Epic Games