Aliens are capturing Fortnite players ahead of Season 7

Hamza Khalid
UFOS are abducting Fortnite player

Several teasers and leaks pointed to the arrival of aliens in Fortnite’s Season 7 update, and now mysterious UFOs have started to abduct unaware players in the battle royale.

Fortnite Season 6 is finally about to reach its epic conclusion in the form of a live finale event. Season 7 is set to arrive in a week, and there is a ton of speculation regarding the content in the upcoming update.

Multiple leaks pointed towards a potential alien invasion coming to the game, and now it seems that time has arrived. A few players have found themselves abducted by UFOs that are flying around the Island.

Aliens are abducting Fortnite players

The first in-game sighting of these UFOs happened on June 2, as multiple players reported being lifted off the ground and abducted by an alien vehicle during a Fortnite match.

This caught the community by surprise, as various players were stunned to see these spaceships arrive in the game. However, they were eventually able to get a grasp on how the UFOs function in the game.

As soon as they show up, an abductee will be chosen completely at random, and the target will receive a three-second warning about this. They will then be beamed up to the ship, regardless of what they were doing.

While their spawn rate is fairly low at the start of the match, this increases significantly as the circle shrinks. You’re guaranteed to encounter a UFO if you manage to survive long enough to make it to the final zone.

To make things a bit easier, we’ve listed their spawn rate over the duration of a single game below.

ZoneUFO spawn rate
Zone 110%
Zone 220%
Zone 340%
Zone 480%
Zone 5100%

These ships can abduct up to twenty players at any time, including entire squads. As terrifying as this sounds, being beamed up to a UFO actually has its own set of advantages.

Being abducted will completely regenerate your health and then toss you at a seemingly random location. This will prove particularly useful during those situations where you find yourself overwhelmed with low health and shields.

So, you might catch a break if you’re lucky enough to be beamed up by these UFOs, but this can also thwart your attempts at completing weekly challenges quickly. We don’t know how long these will stay in the game, but they’ll definitely make Season 7 interesting.

Image credits: Epic Games

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