Viral TikTok reveals FIFA 22 Ultimate Team no loss glitch

Andrew Highton
messi holding hands on head in FIFA 22

Using TikTok, one FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player has shared their method that allows users to quit out of a match and use a no loss glitch to maintain their record.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team’s FUT Champions mode isn’t the easiest thing in the world to qualify for, and thanks to one TikTok user, a new no loss glitch has crept onto the scene.

FUT Champions is FIFA Ultimate Team’s toughest experience when it comes to competitive Ultimate Team action as players bid to accumulate FUT Champs points, successfully achieve qualification, and finally try to win all 20 Weekend League games.

However, as it usually features umpteen squads, all featuring the world’s best and fastest players, it can be tough to qualify for. But this new no loss glitch could negatively affect FIFA 22 Ultimate Team and the way players go about it.

fut champs finals progress

This no loss glitch was discovered by TikTok user SkillzApex who essentially ragequitted a game of FIFA 22 FUT Champs qualification, and showed how they avoided taking a loss.

After getting scored on and presumably heading towards a defeat, SkillZApex explained what you need to do to perform the no loss glitch.

It should be noted that many people in the comments claimed that using this method, especially more than once, got them banned by EA. There isn’t any official evidence of this, so anyone curious about attempting this no loss glitch should be cautious.

The major talking point concerning this glitch is a battle of morality as this is a bit of a dishonest way of playing the game, and probably not how the devs intended for players to qualify for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team – particularly FUT Champs.

This is something that EA will probably become aware of very quickly, and it should be patched out soon enough.

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Image Credit: EA

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