10 best Ultimate Team cards in FIFA 22

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Best FUT players FIFA 22

Here are the 10 best Ultimate Team cards players can get their hands on in FIFA 22 only three months after release.

Three months into Ultimate Team and we’ve seen a considerable amount of top-tier players in FIFA 22. Whether you have the funds to buy these amazing cards on the market or you’re lucky enough to receive one through packs, these cards are a nightmare for opposing players.

Icons and FUT Heroes would undoubtedly dominate this list therefore they will not be included.

Here are the top 10 best Ultimate Team cards in FIFA 22.

Best cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

10. Cristiano Ronaldo – Champions League TOTGS

Ronaldo FUT stats

Who else but CR7 to kick off the list? Although his Rare Gold card isn’t as desirable a card as it once was, Ronaldo remains one of the best players in the game. The fact that other players seem more dominant at the moment speaks to the increase in powerful cards that FIFA 22 players have experienced. 

Nonetheless, this Ronaldo Team of the Group Stage card is the perfect striker card that matches multiple play styles. Whether you want to drive into the box with incredible dribbling and 5* skills or use Ronaldo’s 99 jumping stat to be an aerial threat, Ronaldo will feel highly intuitive. 

9. Marquinhos – Champions League Live 

Marquinhos FUT stats

It would be a shame not to have a CB on this list. As the best CB in the game, Marquinhos earns his spot via a Champions League Live card.

The Brazilian’s pace, strength, and defending statistics make him the ideal CB. Once you factor in absurd short and long passing abilities, it’s clear to see why Marquinhos is one of the best. 

Top CBs are often judged by how they “feel” in-game therefore some Rare Gold cards (Kimpembe) can prove to be just as great as the best CBs in FUT’s most recent promos. For this reason, Marquinhos will be the only Defender on this Attack-centric list. 

8. Lionel Messi – Ones to Watch

Messi FUT stats

Messi has been an Ultimate Team staple for years now. Packing his card is an ethereal feeling and his Ones to Watch card in FIFA 22 is one of the best. The Argentine’s OTW card is live, meaning it is eligible for additional upgrades. At the moment the 95 rated RW is a menace on the pitch.

His Finesse Shot and Long Shot Taker traits will have your opponents cowering in fear, expecting attempts on goal. All of his stats are excellent and the fact that the winger exhibits strong links with ever-popular Ligue 1 players is a breath of fresh air. 

7. Vinicius Junior – La Liga POTM

Vinicius FUT stats

Vinicius Junior has been one of the most talked-about FUT players this year. All four of Vinicius Junior’s special cards have been highly sought after and this POTM version is by far the best. This is the only player on the list that was available through SBC, although it certainly wasn’t a cheap one. 

5* skills and 4* weak foot is a great combination for a winger. Players can use his 99 pace to drive at opponents’ defenders. The Brazilian’s finishing may not be the best but his pace and dribbling will put you in scoring positions more often than not. 

6. Mohamed Salah – Champions League TOTGS

Salah FUT stats

Alongside Vinicius, Salah is yet another winger who already boasts four special cards. Of the four, the Champions League Team of the Group Stage card is the top option. Stats-wise, there is no better winger in the Premier League. Salah is a treat at all times with his outstanding shooting, passing, dribbling, and pace. 

The one letdown here is the fact that the Liverpool star lacks 5* skills and boasts 3* weak foot. Top FUT players tend to gravitate towards cards with at least 4* weak foot. However, the Premier League links are a big boost. 

5. Gabriel Jesus – Versus Fire

Jesus FUT stats

Jesus is another card that takes advantage of fantastic chemistry options. His Brazilian nation and Premier League status make fitting him into squads a simple task. 5* skills will make guarding this ST a tough task.

His superb dribbling makes him a shifty striker that should be used to drive into the box rather than lead the line. His 96 acceleration will leave most CBs in the dust, while a finishing stat of 90 rounds out his skill set. 

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Winter Wildcards

Ibrahimovic FUT stats

The iconic ST is one of the most recent additions to FUT as part of Winter Wildcards team two. At the time of writing, he is the most expensive player item on the market excluding Icons. Most players won’t have 3 million coins to spare so packing the striker is your best bet. 

What makes Zlatan special is his unique frame and skill set. For such a big body, the striker feels nimble and quick to get around defenders. He can utilize 5* skills to create space in the box where the giant usually dominates.

3. Kevin De Bruyne – Signature Signings 

KDB FUT stats

Kevin De Bruyne shines as the only midfielder in a list dominated by forwards. Finally, a star with 5* weak foot. De Bruyne is one of the best dual threats in the game. Not only is his ability to create space for forward players incredible thanks to amazing passing and dribbling, but his shooting is also phenomenal. 

When KDB runs straight up the pitch at defenders, there is no way to defend. Thanks to his ability to hit the ball with both feet, the CAM can use his 93 shot power and long shot stats to terrorize opponents. 

2. Neymar Jr – Winter Wildcards

Neymar FUT stats

Neymar is a phenomenal card to own regardless of item type, but this Winter Wildcards takes the Brazilian to the next level. For starters, this card shifts Neymar’s position from LW to ST. This opens up endless possibilities including playing Neymar as a midfielder.

His biggest weakness was always going to be his strength as a striker. To get the best out of Neymar you’re going to want to be mindful of where opposing CBs are positioned. Neymar’s dribbling and pace are obviously outstanding but his passing is highly underrated. This skill set makes him a great option at CAM.

1. Kylian Mbappe – TOTW 9

Mbappe FUT stats

Mbappe rounds out PSG’s dynamic trio of attacking options. At the moment, this inform version of Mbappe from TOTW 9 is the best attacking option in Ultimate Team. Surprisingly, Mbappe has yet to receive a special card from a FUT promo, although that is rumored to change with the upcoming FUT Headliners promo. 

Mbappe feels incredible in-game thanks to his lightning pace and ideal body type. 5* skills, 92 ball control, and 93 Agility will make quick work of defenders. When Mbappe gets a sight at goal he can be trusted thanks to a finishing stat of 94. 

Furthermore, the striker’s French ties make him supremely easy to fit into just about any squad. 

With more and more amazing cards released with every new FUT promotion, this list is sure to change. However, at the moment these are the best Ultimate Team cards excluding Icons and FUT Hero cards. If you manage to get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky!

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