How to use Trivela shot in FIFA 23

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Here’s how to use the broken Trivela shot in FIFA 23 to dominate Ultimate Team matches.

FIFA 23 has seen its fair share of meta-defining features from corner kick goals to lenghty players, but nothing has felt as broken as the Trivela shot. The unique Trivela shot is new to FIFA 23 and it allows players to strike the ball with the outside of their foot.

Ultimate Team players have been utilizing the Trivela shot to great success, but it’s become so dominant that many are viewing it as an exploit. The outside foot shot leaves goalkeepers helpless as the ball simply flies into the top corner more often than not.

With the mechanic absolutely taking over FIFA 23, there’s no doubt that EA will look into addressing the technique in an upcoming patch. For the time being, here’s how you can use the Trivela shot so as not to fall behind.

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How to perform Trivela shot in FIFA 23

In order to pull off a Trivela shot in FIFA 23, you need to hold L2 and use Circle to shoot. It’ll be the same for Xbox players, but they’ll use LT and B instead.

  • PlayStation: Hold L2 + Circle
  • Xbox: Hold LT + B
  • PC: Hold W + Left mouse button

Don’t be afraid to apply enough power to the shot, as most Trivela shots are best used from a considerable distance.

In order to pull off a successful Trivela shot, you won’t need one of the best strikers in FIFA 23. Due to how ineffective goalkeepers are at keeping this shot out of the net, you can utilize a Trivela with any player, even one with subpar shooting stats.

Furthermore, you won’t need a timed green finish for the Trivela shot to have a high success rate. It’s such a broken technique at the moment that even a lackluster Trivela shot will soar into the top corner.

Instead, the key to setting up a successful Trivela shot in FIFA 23 is your positioning to the goal. You’ll want to set your player’s shooting foot on an ideal angle to bend it in with the outside of their boot.

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