How to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 23 players have a new toy to play with this year in the devastating Power Shot. To ensure you’re getting the most out of your shots, follow our guide to learn this simple skill.

The rollercoaster ride of FIFA 23 has already taken a few twists and turns with players getting stuck into Div Rivals and FUT Champions, taking advantage of OTW and TOTW Promos in the process.

Gameplay factors such as the much talked about trivela shot have had a big bearing on how FIFA 23 matches have played out – but so has the new Power Shot.

EA’s explosive new mechanic has added an extra dynamic to shooting this year by allowing players to charge up and unleash a bonafide net buster of a strike.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business and show you how to pull off a Power Shot in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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Power Shot in FIFA 23 guide

The controls for the Power Shot will vary depending on which platform you’re playing FIFA 23 on, but it will still require players to simultaneously hold down two buttons before pressing shoot.

If you’re a PlayStation user enjoying FIFA 23, then you need to get your player into space, then proceed to hold down L1 and R1, and then hold down the shoot button to determine the strength of the Power Shot.

Xbox users will need to pretty much copy these instructions, just simply swap the L1 and R1 buttons for the Xbox’s LB and RB.

Whereas PC users will need to select the applicable inputs for these actions, everyone will have different configurations for the game.

You also need to make sure you’re aiming at the goal as the Power Shot can have the tendency to fire off in different directions irrespective of the goal itself.

To summarise:

  1. Pass the ball to the player you want to take the shot with.
  2. Make sure you have a bit of breathing space as the shot will take a second or two to charge up.
  3. Aim your controller stick or mouse at the goalmouth.
  4. Hold the applicable buttons to begin the animation.
  5. Push the shoot button just enough to be a solid shot.
  6. Just don’t hold down the power button too much as the Power Shot will take care of the rest.

With the Power Shot knowledge in hand, expand your FIFA 23 knowledge with information on all the upcoming promotions, as well as a rundown of the World Cup content on the way.

Image Credit: EA SPORTS

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