How to complete Ultimate Team Hero player pick SBC in FIFA 22

FUT Hero player pick SBC

The latest SBC making waves in Ultimate Team is offering players the chance at securing a rare FUT Heroes card. Here’s how you can complete the Hero player pick SBC and get your hands on a legendary figure in FIFA 22.

FUT Hero cards made their debut in FIFA 22 as a way to honor legendary players of the past and the leagues they dominated for years. These cards are similar to Icon cards in that they offer unique chemistry links to players in your squad that share the same league as the Hero.

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In total there are 19 possible selections that players can obtain through the Hero player pick SBC. If you’re lucky, you’ll obtain one of the stellar options available with the three randomly-selected players on offer.

Players will only be required to submit two squads to get their hands on a FUT Hero, and we’ve got the cheapest solution to give you a hand.

How to complete FUT Hero player pick SBC in Ultimate Team

FUT Heroes art FIFA 22

Luckily, this SBC is quite affordable and requires the submission of two reasonably priced squads. Once completed you’ll get the chance to choose between one of three Hero cards.

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The FUT Hero Player Pick SBC will set Ultimate Team players back a total of 82,000 coins.

83-Rated Squad Requirements

  • TOTW players: Min 2
  • Squad Rating: Min 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min 55

83-Rated Squad Solution – Cost 38,000 coins

83 rated squad sbc solution

84-Rated Squad Requirements

  • TOTW players: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 50

84-Rated Squad Solution – Cost 44,000 coins

84 rated squad sbc solution

As with most player pick SBCs there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a high-quality player. In fact, only four of the 19 FUT Hero cards are viable in the current Ultimate Team meta. However, at this affordable cost, it’s hard to ignore the chance to secure one of Ginola, Cordoba, Di Natale, or Abedi Pele.

The FUT Hero Player Pick SBC will be available until January 31 which gives players a decent amount of time to submit the two required squads.

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Image Credits: EA / FUTBIN