How to complete FIFA 23 Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC

Luca Di Marzo
FIFA 23 max 86 icon sbc copy

Fans of FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team have a guaranteed path to securing a coveted Icon card. Here’s what you need to know about the Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC, including the cheapest solution.

FIFA 23 players have been enjoying everything Ultimate Team has to offer since its release on September 30. Several exciting promos like OTW and RTTK have come and gone, with Rulebreakers currently in the special card spotlight.

While Ultimate Team players are always clamoring for special cards, Icon cards are perhaps the most sought-after cards in the game. Icons can instantly improve your starting Ultimate Team squad, and players have a chance at securing one through the Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC.

Here’s how to complete the Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC, along with the cheapest solutions.

FUT Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC top players & pulls

Player NamePositionNationValue (coins)
Gianfranco ZolaCFItaly485,000
Michael EssienCDMGhana455,000
Wayne RooneyCAMEngland430,000
Patrick VieiraCMFrance1,029,000
Ruud GullitCMNetherlands840,000
Gianluca ZambrottaRWBItaly430,000
Roberto CarlosLBBrazil427,000

If you’re debating whether or not to complete the Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC, this list of top players should sway you in the right direction. There’s no doubt that packing any of the players above would be viewed as a massive win.

The top players available in this FIFA 23 SBC should have no trouble claiming a spot on your Ultimate Team squad, but with a ton of promo cards added to the game every week, their longevity is somewhat in doubt.

Nonetheless, the top pulls from the Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC will be powerhouses in the short term. Not only will the likes of Gullit and Zola excel in-game but they’ll make maximizing your squad’s chemistry easier as they count as two players from their nation.

How to complete FIFA 23 Max 86 Icon upgrade SBC

To complete this SBC, players will need to give up two squads: 84-Rated Squad and 86-Rated Squad. Luckily, neither of the required SBC squads demands complex requirements aside from their squad rating.

This means you can use players out of position, and completely ignore chemistry so long as you meet the 84 and 86 squad ratings respectively.

With a value of around 131,000 coins, the Max 86 Icon upgrade is decent value for a Base or “baby” version of a FIFA 23 Icon.

You can check out the cheapest solutions below.

84-Rated squad solution – Cost: 22,000

84-rated squad icon upgrade SBC solution FIFA 23

86-Rated squad solution – Cost: 109,000 coins

FIFA 23 86-rated squad icon upgrade sbc solution

Most of the Icons that players can pull from this SBC are around or well above the 131,000 coin value listed above.

If you have some fodder in your club that would help reduce the cost of the SBC, then you may want to look into completing it. Even a Base Icon at this stage of the game is quite an impressive card, and with a little luck, you’ll pack Vieira or Essien.

FIFA 23 players must act fast seeing as they have until Thursday, October 20 to complete the SBC.

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Image Credit: EA Sports / FUTBIN