How to complete FIFA 22 Flashback Kante: FUT SBC requirements

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FIFA 22 Flashback Kante

The latest big SBC in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is Flashback N’Golo Kante of Chelsea, offering FUT fans another option to shore up their midfield. Here’s how to meet his SBC requirements, and whether or not the card is worth grinding for.

Ultimate Team loves to surprise players with new special cards throughout the year, and FIFA 22 is no different.

With Road to the Knockouts only just behind us and Rulebreakers set to dominate the next few weeks, EA have dropped a Flashback Kante into the mix.

How can you get hold of him? And is he worth working towards? We’ve got the lowdown below.

What are FIFA 22 Flashback cards?

Son in FIFA 22

Much as the name suggests, Flashbacks are a throwback to a player’s previous cards in past FIFA games.

Sometimes this may be a carbon copy of an old Team of the Season or a card with stats inspired by a past season.

In the case of N’Golo Kante, his Flashback is an ode to his success in Leicester’s title-winning season in 2015/16.

What’s interesting is that the stats on this card are technically a downgrade on his usual 90-rated cards, but it has been released as a cheaper option.

FIFA 22 Flashback Kante SBC requirements

Chelsea players in FIFA 22

Players have until 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT / 6 PM GMT on Friday, November 5, 2021, to complete the seven SBCs required for Flashback Kante.

At the time of writing, according to FUTBIN, the full group of SBCs is clocking in at between 290,000 and 305,000 depending on which platform you play on.

This is only if you have to buy every single player and don’t have fodder collecting dust in your club.

Check out the full list of SBC requirements and each one’s value below.

  • Gold Squad (4,000)
    • Team chemistry: Min 30
    • Players in the squad: 11
  • Gold Rare Squad (7,500)
    • Player level: Min Gold 
    • Rare: Min 11
    • Team chemistry: Min 30
    • Players in the squad: 11
  • Past and Present (13,000)
    • Players from Leicester City and players from Chelsea: Min 1
    • Squad rating: Min 83
    • Team chemistry: Min 75
    • Players in the squad: 11
  • Premier League (25,000)
    • Players from Premier League: Min 1
    • Squad rating: Min 84
    • Team chemistry: Min 70
    • Players in the squad: 11
  • Les Bleus (55,000)
    • Players from France: Min 1
    • Team of the Week players: Min 1
    • Squad rating: Min 85
    • Team chemistry: Min 65
    • Players in the squad: 11
  • Top Form (83,000)
    • Team of the Week players: Min 1
    • Squad rating: Min 86
    • Team chemistry: Min 60
    • Players in the squad: 11
  • 87-rated squad (108,000)
    • Squad rating: Min 87
    • Team chemistry: Min 55
    • Players in the squad: 11

Is FIFA 22 Flashback Kante worth it?

FIFA 22 Flashback Kante stats

As we mentioned earlier, this is an odd Flashback card because its overall rating is three ratings lower than Kante’s usual 90 rating.

We saw this in FIFA 21 with the Flashback Ronaldo – the idea seems to be that these are toned-down versions of cards that would normally break the bank.

When comparing the two Kante’s side-by-side, there is a big difference between their defensive stats, but the drop elsewhere isn’t as large as you might expect.

FIFA 22 Kante stats comparison

The main issue with this card is that, particularly on Xbox, the difference in price between the Flashback SBC and buying normal Kante from the Transfer Market isn’t big enough.

As of October 29, for an extra 30,000 coins, Xbox players could splash on the better version of Kante and have him as a tradeable card. The gap on Playstation is more like 110,000, but the 90-rated card will likely drop in price as time goes on.

For these reasons, we only recommend completing this SBC if you have plenty of high-rated fodder already in your club and you don’t want to splash the cash on his normal card.

That was everything you need to know about how to complete the Flashback Kante SBC in FIFA 22. EA like to surprise-drop cards like this through the season, so stay tuned to Charlie INTEL for guides like this.

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