How to complete EA FC 24 Euro Throwbacks challenges

Nathan Warby
EA FC 24 Euro 2024 players

The Euro 2024 takeover in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team has brought the Euro Throwbacks challenges, designed to put your footballing knowledge to the test. If you’re struggling to find the right answers, here’s how to complete every objective.

Euro 2024 is in full swing in EA FC 24, bringing a standalone mode alongside a ton of Ultimate Team content. On top of the Path to Glory and Make Your Mark promos, the devs have released a series of challenges called Euro Throwbacks, but some of them trust you to figure out the answer for yourself.

If you’re looking to breeze through these objectives, here are all the answers to the EA FC 24 Euro Throwbacks challenges

EA FC 24 Euro Throwbacks answers

EA FC 24 Euro 2024 trophy with logo
Euro 2024 has taken over EA FC 24.

There are five Euro Thowbacks challenges to complete in EA FC 24, all of which reward you with 400 XP toward your Season Progress. But while a couple of them spell out exactly what to do, others leave you to connect the dots and put your European Championship knowledge to the test.

Here’s the answer to each one:

Le RoiA hero stepped onto the European Championship stage in 1984 and left a legacy. He scored nine goals in just five matches and led his team to glory. Score nine goals using players from that nation in any game mode.France – Michel Plantini400XP
Greek TriumphGreece pulled off one of the most impressive and astonishing European Championship victories in 2004! Win a match in any game mode while having at least four players from either Greece or Portugal in your starting 11.Greece or Portugal400XP
One of a KindOne of the best football players of our time holds two European Championship records. The most goals and most matches played. Score at least two goals per match in five separate matches using any version of this player in any game mode.Cristiano Ronaldo400XP
Three in Fifteen MinutesRecreate the dramatic comeback Turkey achieved in 2008 from 2-0 down to winning 3-2 in the final 15 minutes. Win one match scoring at least three goals using players from Turkey in any game mode.Turkey400XP
Trophy CabinetOnly two nations have ever won the European Championship three times. Win four matches while using at least five players from each of these nations in your starting 11 in any game mode.Germany and Spain400XP

While the Three in Fifteen Minutes and Greek Triumph are self-explanatory, the others require a little more thinking. Le Roi refers to Michel Plantini’s incredible performances at Euro 1984, where his nine goals helped host nation France win their first international title.

One of a Kind describes Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the European Championship’s record goalscorer and appearance maker with 14 and 25 respectively prior to Euro 2024. Meanwhile, Trophy Cabinet is all about the two teams who have won the Euros a record three times; Spain in 1964, 2008, and 2012, and Germany in 1972, 1980, and 1996.

Now that you have all the answers, breezing through these EA FC 24 objectives should be a walk in the park. Completing them all will earn you a boatload of XP, earning plenty of special cards and packs through Season Progress that should help you in both Division Rivals and Champions.