FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players want fix for “obnoxious and annoying” stadium issue

Andrew Highton
stamford bridge stadium in fifa 22

The customization options are proving to be too much for some in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team as players have voiced their frustration about lighting and shadows for stadiums during matches and want fixes.

FIFA 22 has really stepped up its editing game by offering players a wealth of different customization for their stadiums. It’s one thing buying and selling the best players in the game to create the Ultimate Team, but some also want the ultimate stadium and atmosphere.

Amongst the many cosmetic choices that FIFA 22 has to offer its fans are a variety of different stadiums. The architecture isn’t the same for every venue, however, and the design of them can play havoc with the game’s weather.

Some players have complained about the “obnoxious and annoying” lighting issues that can obscure large sections of the pitch during a game and want this issue fixed.

los angeles football stadium in fifa 22

The stadium problem has been highlighted through a couple of Reddit posts on the official FIFA subreddit, with one asking for EA to “Either remove shadows from FUT or make every game at night.”

They also say that this issue goes beyond the recent step-up in stadium alteration by pointing out that this issue stems from years of neglect.

“It’s such a simple thing to fix as well and it has been an issue for god knows how long but noooo, why fix something so obnoxious and annoying? I love playing in stadiums where after the game my eyes are burning.”

Another poster in its assessment of the lighting troubles, but also attached an image showing how troublesome and distracting it can actually be.

The image showed a mix-and-match of assorted shapes and gaps that are unnecessary during a competitive game of FUT Rivals or FUT Champions.

fifa 22 stadium lighting patterns issue

With the stadium lighting issue not being exclusive to FIFA 22, it seems that EA is aware of this being a problem and seem content to let it continue in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

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Image Credit: EA / r/FIFA

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