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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team streamer reaches Elite Division using only feet

A FIFA 22 player has reached FUT Rivals’ ultimate goal, Elite Division, using just their feet in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.



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Most players strive to reach FIFA 22 Division Rivals’ top rank in Ultimate Team. Well, one player has reached its Elite Division using only their feet to operate their controller.

Stories of overcoming adversity are a great aspect of life, and one FIFA 22 Ultimate Team player has demonstrated this by achieving one of the game’s greatest feats, reaching Elite Division in FUT Rivals, using only their feet.

FUT Rivals is Ultimate Team’s league system that players must fight their way up, via promotions, to see how far their ability can take them. Elite Division is the top rank in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and Tolando77 has achieved this their own way.

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FIFA 22 Twitch streamer and YouTuber James Toland, also known as Tolando77, was born with TAR syndrome, and it left him unable to play video games by holding a controller with his hands.

But this doesn’t seem to have hindered James much as he’s currently smashing FIFA 22 by reaching FUT Rivals’ highest rank – Elite Division.

Despite his disability, James has managed to forge a career as a streamer using his feet to play video games, an achievement in itself.

However, James recently posted a Tweet showing evidence of his latest achievement in FUT Rivals.

Reaching Elite Division in FUT Rivals requires a player to ascend the ranks and eventually have to beat the best FIFA players in the world, sometimes needing to win several matches in a row to progress.

This prospect clearly hasn’t deterred James, and his followers and subscribers will be eager to see what amazing goal he can reach next.

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Image Credit: EA