FIFA 22 players frustrated with “ridiculously bad” game graphics

Lionel Messi in FIFA 22

Following its much-anticipated release FIFA 22’s graphics have come under fire from players, with some even claiming that the PS5 and Series X/S versions look “last-gen.”

The FIFA series has always prided itself on being the most realistic interpretation of the beautiful game you can buy. FIFA 22 modes like Ultimate Team or Career Mode are designed to bring players closer to the real sport than ever before.

However, shortly after glitches were said to be interrupting the experience, fans have now called out the new game’s “ridiculously bad” graphics for breaking the immersion.

Mbappe sliding on his knees in FIFA 22

Reddit user Jano3012 posted screenshots comparing the pitch texture from FIFA 22 running on a PS5 against a PS4. From the two images, it’s clear that the last-gen version’s turf looks far more realistic than that of the new console.

On the PS4 image, it’s easy to make out individual blades of grass, whereas the other appears bright and artificial. One Redditor compared the PS5 version’s pitch that of “FIFA 96 for SNES.”

It’s not clear if this washed-out appearance is a bug within the game or an intentional design choice on EA‘s part, but fans are calling for something to be done.

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Further criticism has been directed towards the graphics on the Xbox Series S version of FIFA 22. Another Reddit user uploaded an in-game screenshot which showed that the graphics were extremely fuzzy, making it hard to make out player’s faces.

Many other Series S players responded saying they were encountering the same issues, no matter the quality of their TV or monitor.

Fans have speculated that the Series S version is a 720p game being scaled up to 1080p, which is causing the issue with the graphics.

A fellow player offered another possible reason for the dip in clarity, suggesting that the problem is caused by the anti-aliasing settings being too low.

These settings are designed to combat the fuzzy, jagged edges often seen in games. PC players have the option to adjust these settings themselves.

EA has confirmed they are aware of graphics problems on the Series S version of FIFA 22, inviting players to track the issues on the company’s Trello board.

It remains to be seen how long it will take devs to address these graphical issues. As always, stay tuned on Charlie INTEL for the latest updates.

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Image credits: EA