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Bizarre FIFA 22 glitch is literally making players disappear mid-game

FIFA 22’s launch has come with a few problems, including a strange bug which is seeing players totally vanish off the pitch.



Kylian Mbappe in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 is finally out there in the wild for players to get their hands on. But the launch hasn’t been totally smooth thanks to a strange glitch that is making players disappear.

As a FIFA 22 player, you’d probably want your strikers or wingers to drift into the box unnoticed to bag the winner in a tight Ultimate Team match.

However, you wouldn’t like your players to disappear from the pitch entirely. According to a viral clip circulating on social media – that’s exactly what’s been happening.

FIFA 22 goalkeeper trying to save a shot

Twitter user RonTheDon shared the clip just one day after the game went live for those who had preordered the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22. It has since received more than 4,000 engagements.

The video shows one of the goals that the player conceded in an Ultimate Team match, in which he was in possession of the ball with seemingly very little danger. As a defender tried to head the ball back to the goalkeeper, the player mysteriously vanishes into the thin air.

It doesn’t stop there though. When the goalkeeper came to collect the backpass, he also disappeared without a trace, leaving the opposing player with an easy tap-in.

In response to the glitch, the user said: “How is anything like this acceptable in a game that comes out using the same engine, with minor changes, every single year?”

It isn’t clear from the clip whether or not the defender and keeper were still on the pitch but couldn’t be seen, or they had been wiped from the game entirely. Although based on how Zaha scored the goal easily, the latter appears more likely.

EA is yet to respond to the issue to confirm if the bug was a one-off or something that they know to be affecting many players.

FIFA 22 will receive regular patches throughout the year, so hopefully, it will be addressed in a future update.

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Image credits: EA